The Simian line is formed by the Heart and Head line. It is one single line running across the length of the hand instead of two.

A simian line on an artistic Water Hand

With a Simian line, the energy of the head and heart lines are fused. This makes the bearer intense, driven and focused. If they want something, they will work twice as hard to get it as someone else. For this reason, although found on less than 1% of people, CEOs, bankers, politicians and people at the top of highly competitive industries have a disproportionate number Simian lines.

Nearly all Simian lines are dominated by the Head Line, rather than the Heart Line. This gives the Simian line person their focus, drive and logical mind. Because of the huge amount of thinking and mentally directed energy, a Simian person will always make the most logical decision. They find it very hard to listen to other people’s opinions as they always feel they can make the best, most rational choice. Whatever a Simian person does, they want to be the best at it. In whatever field they are in, there are no half measures. They are restless, detached, focused, relentless and can be narrow minded. Their minds are fixed and in the same way that the line goes from end to end in the hand with no space or gaps, there is no room in a Simian’s mind for change or space for openness. They have a fixed way of seeing things and believe they are 100% right.

A simian line on the physical and determined Earth Hand

As there is no separate functioning Heart line they can be ruled by logic, with emotions often absent in their decisions making. The fusion of the Heart and Head Lines means that separating emotions from thought is difficult for them: there is little reason when feeling an emotion, and little emotion when making a decision. They will often feel strongly, without logic or understanding and conversely, think and judge without feeling. For this reason, understanding and reading social situations becomes difficult. Struggling to judge whether or not to take offence, get the joke or see why people might be laughing can all be tricky, and therefore it is important is such areas that they listen to a partner or friend who can explain and judge more accurately the situation.

Self-expression is important for a Simian. They have a huge internal intensity that must be released. As they are governed by the head, they think and plan obsessively, calculating everything down to the smallest detail. While doing all this, they are incredibly controlled, focused and reserved emotionally. No one else would know how much thought, planning and intensity a Simian will put into anything. Because of the lack of an expressive heart line, wherever they are and whatever they do is controlled. Their demeanour is measured and focused. But of course, inside there is a burning drive, all the energy of the heart and head are directed at whatever they are thinking about. The most important thing with a Simian line is having an outlet for this intensity.

A simian line of a photographer with a technical Air Hand

A Simian line can be a truly exceptional marking when well directed. They are no good dabbling, drifting or partly applying themselves. They have to know exactly what they want, then go for it with all their drive and passion – then there is no stopping them. A Simian person will out-compete, out-study and out-work anyone else. Whatever they want to do (within reason) they can achieve as they have more energy and focus than 99% of people. It certainly is a huge positive if used correctly – there must be an all-encompassing interest and passion to put their energy into. Whenever I see a Simian line, I always ask what is their all-encompassing passion. If they do not know, then finding it becomes the basis of the reading.

Relaxation would also be an important area to discuss. With this huge constantly-concealed intensity, finding a way to wind down is vital. The two best ways are being creative with art, building, craft etc., or having a spiritual practice. When a Simian person is creative, it allows their inner tension to dissolve. It gives them a means to show emotion. It takes them out of the compulsive mind and puts them in a freer state. Creativity is always advised. Self-cultivation through yoga, qi gong or meditation is another way to easy the Simian tension. When a Simian person meditates their application is superior to most and the benefits they receive can be remarkable – finding stillness and peace. It can be a positive focus of obsession. Many of the most dedicated practitioners of meditation and yoga I have met bear a Simian. Remember, due to all of their focus and intensity, no part of their lives is done in half measures. They commit 100%. They find the best teacher and system; they move country and change jobs to enable their practise if they get hooked. With their unstoppable determination and willpower they are able to reach heights that others cannot. This applies in any area they focus on. The unified Heart and Head lines direct all their consciousness and energy one way.

A simian line on a sensitive ‘silk skin’ hand

Occasionally, you do see Simian lines dominated by the heart. As you may expect, this is someone who compulsively feels (rather than thinks). For them, everything is based on emotion, and they have no logic behind their emotional reactions. Although this is unusual among people with Simian lines, 50% of all people with Down’s syndrome have an emotionally dominant simian: they are incredibly sensitive to their environment, love animals, hate arguments and are always connecting emotionally with everyone around them.

As with all aspects of hand reading, the Simian line varies greatly depending on hand shape and skin texture.

A simian on:

  • an earthy hand with grainy rough skin could sell vegetables in a market place. He would get up every morning at 4am, know meticulously how to load the van to maximise space, know exactly where to get the best vegetables, and be the most passionate, driven salesman in the market square. He would think nobody could do his job better (and he is probably right!). At the weekend, he would remain competitive and relentless, but now perhaps in the pub. He would drink more than anyone else and never back down or lose a drinking contest.
  • on a young man’s Air Hand, you may find a passionate photographer, someone top of his class. Not only would he spend hours of extra time in the dark room, he would be obsessed with the digital-technical process and photo editing ,and fill notebooks analysing his photos. Through talking about his passion and networking he would get his photos displayed in galleries and exhibitions. There would be no doubt in his, his parents’ or his tutors’ minds that he will become a great photographer.
  • on a water hand with silky skin, we would find the spiritually inclined Simian. Tired and stressed with their office job, this person would start taking meditation classes. They instantly become hooked, and begin meditating two hours morning and evening, and realise they need a lifestyle that can allow this. They leave their job and get a six month visa for India. After a couple of months seeking the right guru and ashram, they settle and start their routine: six hours of meditation a day, learning Sanskrit, doing yoga and reading Buddhist philosophy. The six month visa is extended to five years, and our water hand, soft skinned Simian becomes a teacher in the lineage – of course, leading by dedicated example.

All of the above are Simian people I have met. It certainly is a gift in many senses, but must be understood to bring awareness of behaviour and recognition of their compulsion. It is an incredibly powerful marking. Having an outlet for it and a way of relaxing are key.