The Life line on the hand is typically the most apparent. It runs vertically down the palm terminating in the webbing between the thumb and first. Some people 2 of these Life Lines, a Double Life Line.

An overlapping Life Line of a 27 year old who recently moved abroad.

The Life Line shows the quality of one’s stability, their structure, routine, security, sense of feeling grounded, their vitality and health. It relates very much to ones base, roots and home. It is also the line on the hand in which events can be most clearly seen and timed. These events are of course always subjective to the person and show their relationship to them rather than the specifics of the event itself.

The Double Life Line

Some people do not have a clear single line, but have two. This can present in many different forms, but the example I am referring to in this instance is when there is a break in the line and an overlap of some kind.

The overlap and change in the life line signifies a change in the person, relating to aspects of the home and family. In my experience around 80% of the people with this mark will have considered or actually have moved abroad. The exceptions to the rule are 1). when someone is young and the break corresponds to 25 ­30+ years of age (measured chronologically down the line) and this aspect of themselves has not yet manifested; 2). when the person has a very close and intimate relationship with their family, which means the shift and change is merely moving out of the family home, village or town or 3). when there does not appear to be a physical move or change on the horizon, but there will without question be a psychological shift of some measure.

The person with a double Life Line or with an overlap has a specific psychological desire for exploration and some form of change. They will feel a need to branch out, explore and see a new side of life. There is a need to experience something different from their up­bringing and this always manifests as a relative sense of curiosity and adventure.

It shows that in some form the person will have a positive, more adventurous side to themselves and though it does not necessarily mean distancing themselves from the family, this is the easiest way to conceptualise it.
Think of movement, branching out and a change in perception. Due to the line overlapping on the outside, it is viewed as a step towards the outer world and one that opens the person to many more possibilities.

If there is a period of time when both lines run in parallel, this can be difficult for the person. Depending on which line is most prominent (the outer or inner) shows where the person is most likely to be (at home or in a different country). If there is a strong doubled area it can be very difficult to know where to live and how to feel and understand your relationship to your family. It is very common for the person not to know if they should stay abroad or go home.

Overlapping Life Line

People are incredibly complex and with the hand and a person’s psyche, one can see hundreds of dualities and seemingly paradoxical patterns. Someone can be confident in many areas, but not in others. Extroverted, but introverted, emotionally open, but with a tendency to repress ­ the double life line falls under this category.

The person needs to understand that they have a side of themselves that is close to home. They can feel attached to their family and have an appreciation of their roots. However their need to explore is strong and they would feel very caged in if they were to stay at home; distancing themselves is often necessary. Understanding they have both qualities is key; an awareness of their situation and it’s complexity is imperative.

When it is understood that a closeness to home is within, yet not clear cut, this completely eases the persons mind. They can except they feel close to home but still respect their desire for change and movement. In understanding themselves and the duality or their nature, they can relax and feel much more comfortable knowing and trusting both their feelings. They no longer have to force themselves to feel comfortable with only one.

It would be the same as a performer or showman never having alone time, or a leader and organiser never being passive and relaxed. People are complex, and must appreciate the diversity of their feelings. As with most issues or problems, insight, understanding and acceptance usually provides the answers. The person with a double life line (stronger on the outside overlap) must explore and open themselves up to the world, whilst acknowledging and excepting fondness for family. They will then be able to live happily wherever they choose, whilst having a nostalgic connection and maintaining contact with their original base. When you do not fight these feelings they can be as simple as a painter who also likes to go jogging.