These are the hands of my amazing baby boy taken when he was just 10 days old. Already we can see defined palm lines and finger lengths. In fact between the 10-12th week after conception, when the fetus is in the womb, palm lines develop. This is all the more remarkable as finger flexion is not detected until around two weeks after the lines have formed. The lines and fingerprints are created by inherited genes before birth, whereas the shape and length are largely caused by hormones.

With a 10-day-old baby we can already see so much that has been genetically inherited.

Ten-day-old Baby Hands

We can see a clearly developed Life Line running around the thumb, the Heart Line at the top of the hand and a long Head Line underneath. Notice the Mercury Line,angled diagonally toward the little finger: this line is impossible to form through creasing as the hand does not bend this way. We can also see a more horizontal line underneath – this can be an indicator of allergies or food sensitivities. It’s very slight and faint but worth watching and bearing in mind. Addressing this early with the correct diet can help solve any future problems.

Here we have a view of the left hand Head Line. Notice the length – almost all the way across the palm. Like the Head Line on the right hand, this one also ends in a fork. This shows a complex thinker and someone who is able to see multiple perspectives. A baby like this is going to need lots of stimulation or he will get bored very quickly!

Here is that super long Head Line again on the other hand. We can clearly see the forked ending.

Now, these are very long fingers. It is said that all babies are born with the same shape hands and later develop into different elemental shapes. However, these fingers are nearly longer than the palm already (see print below). This baby is showing signs of being a very deep analytical thinker!

The Heart Line at the top of the hand is straight and medium-length, showing someone less expressive and more reserved emotionally. It will be important for us as parents to encourage emotional connection and expression when he is growing up in order for this to develop.

It’s not easy getting a baby’s hand print…

He has a short Index finger and a longer third finger. Physiologically this shows high exposure to testosterone while in the womb, but characteristically means lower self-esteem and confidence. This is something that can easily be worked on and built up since it has been identified. The little finger is extra long as well showing heightened communication skills. With his overall long finger length, big Ring finger and long Head Lines, communication, analysis, conversations and discussions would be something I’d expect him to thrive on.

Isn’t it great to have such insight early on? It means I can understand my son’s needs, help improve areas which can be developed, and help stimulate him with what’s best for him – according to his own hands.