Continuing our exploration of relationships and the Emotion (Heart) Line, below I have the curved Emotion Line of a woman in her early 30’s. This woman has elements of the Water type in her hand shape, and ‘putty’ type skin, meaning that relationships and people are very important to her – as this is what Water types value most.

She has a long Index finger, giving a heightened sense of control, responsibility and – in combination with the Water hand type – gives a strong, dominant, but emotional person.

Curved heart line

Curved heart line

The curved Emotion Line shows she expresses herself very quickly and easily. Her heart is ‘worn on her sleeve’; she will resonate with beauty, art and music, while being incredibly romantic and passionate. This is a classic ‘Italian’ heart line (she is in fact Mediterranean).

Notice the Emotion Line is curved, ending under the Index finger – the finger of self and ego, adding complexity to her emotional make up. The Emotion Line ending here shows she lives more in the world of ‘idealism’ (Index finger) than ‘realism’ (Middle finger). She will be a ‘romantic dreamer’ type. She will have perfect fantasies and scenarios played out in her head, and will happily dream and wonder about romantic situations. This can make it hard for a partner to live up to her expectations, and she must learn not to be surprised when the bubble bursts – as no one can live up to the fantasy and her idealistic dreams.

This combination of a curved Emotion Line and large Index finger (dominating, responsible) can give someone a psychological ‘rescuer’ complex.
The long Index finger shows someone responsible and who will look after a partner; while the curved idealistic Emotion line makes her believe she can rescue or change her partner. This was absolutely true for this woman, who told me she had a child with a man much beneath her standards, who now continues to busk and live on benefits.

Ideally this woman needs a strong, passionate man. She would have to feel feminine and very much the woman in a relationship; and the heterosexual roles played are very important to her.

We can see she has a long Affection Line, showing fussiness about the right partner, that she is not one for mundane relationships and would prefer to wait for the right man. She must learn however not to be too judgemental or critical when her man turns out to be human, and not the superman Romeo her idealistic mind paints a picture of. A stronger sense of realism will help with the next relationship.

 water dominate

Dominate heart line. The heart line is more developed than the head (life and fate) lines

She also has the rare trait of having an Emotion Line that is stronger and more dominant than the Head Line. This clearly shows her heart rules her head, and in conjunction with the Water hand shows a very emotionally-dominated person. All her decisions will be based on feelings rather than thoughts, and with the lack of a Fate Line there will be a strong sense of being ungrounded and unfocused. She would benefit from having a strong, solid and logical partner, who she must learn to listen to rather than let her emotions get the better of her.

After the reading I walked with her outside, where she got into her bright purple, somewhat battered old car. She said she had just bought it and couldn’t resist it on the grounds that it was purple!