Will I be rich? Will I win the lottery? Will I ever make a lot of money? Often when people think of palmistry, they think of fortune telling, but this is not what a serious hand analyst does. There is no evidence of money, wealth or fortune lines. But, as with other areas of palmistry, there are deeper more complex answers that can be defined.

Does money matter?

The lines on the hand are created by the nervous system and mirror a person’s psychological and physical state. Reading the lines on the hand is entirely dependent and influenced by the underlying hand shape, skin type, dermatoglyphics, fingers and thumb. No one line ever has a black or white meaning. All factors must be taken into account for a detailed character map. When people ask about making money, I have to consider the whole hand and, most importantly, the hand shape.

Some people value money much more than others. For some it is their biggest driving factor, what they live for and dream about. For others money is peripheral – the consequence of a fulfilling occupation. One person’s idea of success might be having a million dollars; another person’s success might be helping their clients feel better. Success and fulfilment are subjective.

Business-orientated hands care about money. Such hands typically have predominantly Fire qualities – although there are other signs to assess. The following hand cares about money.

A money-orientated hand

This Fire element hand has a narrow palm, grainy skin and etched lines. Fire hands are competitive, flashy, showy and much more money-orientated than other types. This client has a long Fate Line which, although tied to the Life Line showing career conformity and obligation, also shows someone with a firm career direction. His Head Line is of medium length, clear and straight and is also tied to the Life Line, showing that his thinking is informed by his culture and family. This Head Line, with its solidity and length, means he will be focused and clear minded, with strong views and ways of seeing things. Together the Fate and Head lines show conviction, drive and focus aimed towards a conventional modality – which on this hand would mean a basic drive for money-making. Additionally, the Heart Line is curving toward the middle finger. This demonstrates a person emotionally bent towards the features of the middle finger: stability, security, structure, and what is seen as enabling these features – money. A Heart Line like this, particularly on this hand, means he will be emotionally driven by things that give him security: a big house, flashy car and also marriage and children. It is a lively, high energy hand. The fingers are slightly longer than a typical Fire Hand, giving more communication skills. The large basal phalanges show passion, and the small lines under the little finger indicate people will be of importance in his work. This man is a physiotherapist who teaches in a university. He told me he is always money savvy, loves the business element of his work, and teaches his students to think about ways to make more money.

Compared this the hand below, we see a complete contrast.

A hand that does not priorites money

This is a Water Hand. This person lives in the world of feelings, connections, people and emotions. She is creative, sensitive, artistic and caring. She values kindness, helping others and relationships. Money is not even close to the top of her values hierarchy. She would much rather be working creatively and be with people than have a financial reward for something she was not emotionally connected to.

These two hands have quite different qualities and therefore they do not perceive money the same way. The first person’s perception of success is inseparable from money; the second person is the opposite. Our psychological perceptions and interpretations of an event are subjective. Having wealth is a perfect example of this. For one person, money might change their whole world and this could be clearly seen on the hand; but if someone was unaffected by money, it would not show in their hands.

Now that we have seen how only certain types are geared towards money as a driver, we can look at ways this might show.

A Fate Line influence

A long clear Fate Line is the best indicator of financial success (if the hand type cares about money!) Here is an example of a strong Fate Line on a hand that values money. The powerful Fate line means they will have a successful career, which to them means monetary rewards.

A good quality Fate Line can indicate career success

Sometimes on a Fate Line you can see external influences or job changes. When these new lines form, depending on the type of hand and where the person is in life, this could show financial increase as a new job may be more lucrative, if that is what they value.

A lady who set up her own successful therapy centre – although money was not the aim it was a bonus

Aspiration lines

These are small lines that move upward from the Life Line. They show positive change and development and, although not always, can indicate money.

Inheritance money age 45

The aspiration line on this man’s hand at age 45 shows when he came into a large, life changing inheritance. Remember, the line does not show the money but his reaction to it. This positive aspiration could relate to anything, and does not have to be financial.

Always take everything into account

This man also has an aspiration line on his Life Line (at age 60). However it does not indicate wealth. That year, due to a health problem, he was forced into early retirement and found a new lease of life. He took up painting and walking, and despite losing his job and a near fatality, feels positive and inspired.

A positive influces at age 60 that was not money related

This hard-working Earth Hand shows someone who was very ‘successful’ in the finance industry. He has a similar new external Fate Line forming at around 35, and by 40 this was his only Fate Line. However this did not indicate increased wealth, but increased freedom. Before this point, the Fate Line was indistinguishable from the Life Line; he was working 12-hour days, 6 days a week. Though lucrative, he felt confined. The positive influence from the new Fate Line therefore did not indicate money, it showed a change of job and freedom. By the age of 40 he had left his job and moved to Australia to start a new life.

Financially successful hand


Looking at these hands it should be clear that there is no single indicator of money. Everything must be taking into account and the hand must be closely examined. Most people who call themselves palmists do not have this ability and have not studied the subject diligently to understand the complexities involved. Anyone who predicts wealth arbitrarily on your hand is not a real hand analyst! Remember, the lines show a personal, psychological interpretation of events, not the event itself. A person’s relationship with money is subjective and variable, and so is its manifestation in the hands.