The thumb and fingers correspond to the part of the cerebrum associated with self control, language, structure, creativity and the ego. Neanderthal man had very short fingers, showing comparatively under-developed frontal lobes of the brain. Development in these areas shows more sophisticated attributes and language skills. Even 500 years ago people were generally not so well developed in these cerebral areas and had shorter fingers.

Long Fingers
A person with long fingers is more refined, more specialist, more abstract and more sophisticated. They work more with the mind. They tend towards introspection and analysis, they love to analyse information and like going deep, getting to the heart of a matter. They’re critical, fussy and good at editing. They can be very dreamy as the long fingers distance them from the physical world. They can struggle with a lot of manual work and will have a way of overcomplicating situations.
If they also have a long Head line, they will be very wordy and take a long time getting to the point.
Generally speaking, they are thorough, critical, sophisticated thinkers and planners. They’re diplomatic, refined types with a tendency to over analysis and over think!

The fingers are considered long if the middle finger is more than 3 quarters the size of the palm.

Short Fingers
Short fingered people have quicker mental constructs, they say what they think and get to the point. They don’t over complicate matters like the long-fingered person can, they are much more straightforward and live much more in the ‘real world’. They are however less likely to specialise than long fingered people and are far more likely to developed physical and practical skills. They have a quick understanding and take action promptly. They can be blunt and don’t waste time ‘sugar-coating’ information. As a result, they sometimes lack the social graces of the more refined, long-fingered person: short fingered people express themselves more impulsively. Physically speaking, short fingered people are potentially healthier than long fingered folk, their constitutions are generally stronger and more robust. Often long fingered people have an overworked nervous system, due to over thinking, this can take a toll on a persons energy and health, the short-fingered person is much less likely to experience this.
If on a short-fingered hand the Head line is also short, they’ll want to grasp the essence quickly; they hate long, drawn out processes and will tackle matters quickly and get results.

 short fingers measurment

The fingers are considered short when the middle finger is no bigger than three-quarters of the palm size.