Whorls are about individuality. When a person has a lot of whorls – 4, 5 or more – they live in their own world, their own bubble, they see things uniquely and are very intense. They can feel like they don’t belong. They’re involved in their own mind, their own ideas, and they have their own way of seeing things. They need space and freedom; they’re always original and different; they’re also always a bit ‘odd’ and can feel alienated.
They’re very intense people. The whorl likes to ‘zoom in’; it hones in and looks at small details, and can lose sight of the bigger picture. They’re often talented and always non-mainstream. With a lot of whorls a person thinks in an individual way, can be a bit alienated and intense.
The finger the print is on makes a big difference: it intensifies that finger’s characteristics:

  • Thumb – The person likes to do things independently and are often proud of this; they need a lot of space and adventure. This position shows good potential for self-discipline; these people are self-motivated and don’t need others to do things with them.
  • Index finger – Here, a whorl gives a sense of individualism; this person has a rebellious, questioning nature; they’ will never follow the crowd; they need their space. It gives a strong sense of individuality.
  • Middle finger – This can mean an unusual hobby or interests; not liking to work a normal 9-5 job, they would rather work for themselves or on their own accord. They value freedom over money. They normally have an unusual view to rules as well.
  • Ring finger – Gives an individual sense of style, taste, art, music; they will want to stand out; they’ve got good spatial awareness, good hand-eye coordination. 20% of people have a whorl on the ring finger.
  • Little finger – Much rarer here – it relates mainly to relationships, but the person can also be interested in or have knowledge of very specific and unusual things. In terms of relationships, they normally have a partner quite different to themselves, such as someone foreign or much older/younger.