The rarest print is the tented arch. It’s found when there is a triradius in the arch. The tented arch is the fire element print, and it’s useful to think of it in this way. These people are the opposite to a simple arch: a tented arch person is all about adventure, excitement and enthusiasm; they’re motivational and love change. They break out of boundaries, they’re restless, self-expressive people, creative, impulsive and don’t like to be stuck somewhere.In a working environment, they shoot to the top – get bored, change job and start something new. This is the opposite of the simple arch who would steadily work their way to the top over several years and are not likely to leave. Tented arch people are somewhat attracted to danger, and are thrill-seeking risk takers. They love transformation and change, and the idea of changing themselves in a positive way is incredibly appealing. This print is only found on the index finger.