There are many different hand patterns that can be identified in someone that seeks adventure, thrills and stimulation. Here I will look at a few clear indicators.

Hand of an adventure seeker

People who are drawn to adventure need to have excitement in their lives – otherwise they can feel much more trapped than other types. Here are two hands from people in the military. We can see broadness to the palm showing physical power, strength and endurance.

Adventure seeking Life Line pattern

The well-developed thumb ball indicates strong willpower and drive. Notice the Life Line, it does not follow the usual path around the thumb ball, but travels straight into the far, ulnar side of the palm. When the Life Line heads outwards, away from the thumb, it shows a person with a great need to explore.

The Life Line is not stabilised at the base of the palm, indicating a burning desire to explore the world and see new countries. Constant movement is needed when the Life Life is like this, and adventure is key. Never moving from their home town would be incredibly frustrating.

With the second hand a similar Life Line structure is even clearer. This British marine’s Life Line again shows a need for adventure, stimulation and excitement. With both of these people a large part of the appeal of joining the armed forces would be the chance to travel the world. Whenever you see this branching of the Life Line, find out when the person’s next escapade is coming; and if there is not one on the horizon, there needs to be!

Finger Prints

One fingerprint showing someone who is looking for exciting events and change is the tented arch.

Tented Arch

Depending on the population and country, a tented arch comprises only around 1% fingerprints. As they are rare, just one makes a significant impression on the personality.

Having a tented arch means you desire change, look for excitement and need life to be moving at a good pace. Hating stagnation, a tented arch person is enthusiastic and passionate. The idea of development and self-transformation can be very appealing, and often this is satisfied by leaving on an adventure and allowing the experience to change them. Growth, movement, danger, excitement, thrills and transformation are the keywords with this dermatoglyphic.

The Skin

The type of skin ridge pattern on the hand is a reflection of the nervous system. The finer and softer the skin ridge pattern, the more developed and complex the nervous system. For an adventurous person you look for the ‘grainy’ skin types. Grainy skin is when you can visibly see the skin ridges on the palm, and they are bumpy and discernible to the touch.

Grainy Skin Type

Having grainy skin means the nervous system is hardwired to live in the world of stimulation and activity. The biggest sense of accomplishment comes from being active. These types are at their best when action-orientated and being proactive. Cycling, rock climbing, football and martial arts all attract people with grainy skin. They are the most adventurous of the skin types.

Skin Texture Changes Everything
There are four types of skin texture: coarse, grainy, paper and silk. The type of skin texture is supremely important in reading the hand.

For example, the different skin on an Earth Hand changes someone’s employment type:

  • Course skin + Earth Hand = Farmer
  • Grainy skin + Earth Hand = Sportsman
  • Paper skin + Earth Hand = Businessman
  • Silk Skin + Earth Hand = Reki Healer

Other adventure signs

Look out for spatula fingertips – when the fingertips fan out at the ends of the nail. This again shows high energy and excitement. For hand shape, Fire Hands are the most adventure-seeking, but having the correlating, grainy skin type is as important. As with all hand analysis, all features must be read in conjunction with each other. In order to be an Everest-climbing, white water rapid sailing, sky-diving, natural born adventurer you are going to need more than one of the above!