Your Money Your Mind: How open, sceptical thinking improves your life and can protect you from the pandemic wealth transfer


With open-minded thinking we can see beyond conventional systems. Knowledge equates to freedom, and with the expanded perspective gained from exposure to alternative information we can have more choice and sovereignty in our lives. Today, people are becoming more aware of the orthodox systems that govern our society. However, still only a few know how the financial system operates and how to create independence with this knowledge. Since the ‘Covid response’ we have experienced a dramatic increase in the implementation of monetary policies that for decades have benefited the few to the cost of the many. This book outlines the importance of sceptical thinking and transposes this to the monetary system. By understanding the financial system you can protect, preserve and grow your wealth at a time when it is being systematically taken from us.

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“I was compelled to write this book after researching the implications and economic impact of the responses to Covid-19 by governments around the world. I knew many people who were aware of ways to protect their wellbeing and health, and who were looking into a wide range of information in these areas. But very few, myself included, understood how changes in monetary policies would have a direct and immediate effect on people’s wealth. In this book, I look at the monetary system and how it is set up to benefit the few to the cost of the many. The Covid-19 response significantly exaggerated this disparity, but I look at ways we can protect our wealth, freedom and sovereignty: specifically, through gold, silver and bitcoin. This is not a book about Chirology, it is a book about psychology, the monetary system and how to prosper.”


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