How can you see a controlling personaity in the hands? What signs reveal a dominant personality? Of course, there are different areas in which people can dominate and take control – all of this can be seen in the hands. As with all Chirology every feature must be examined thoroughly to determine a characteristic. Here, I will discuss dominance and how it can be seen.

The Index Finger – Professional and personal dominance

A very long index

There is no more singularly defining feature of dominance than a large index finger. This shows a strength of character, pride, control and often bossiness.  There will be some way in which the person with a large index finger wants to be in control. Depending on whether this finger is large on the inner (usually left) or outer (right) hand shows whether the person will take control of their home (inner hand) or work (outer hand) environment, or both. The person with a large index has very high standards, of themselves and of other people. They have such a strong sense of pride that failure is not an option for them – they put themselves under a lot of self-imposed pressure, trying to live up to impossibly high standards. This has repercussions both positive and negative. They are more likely to be a leader or a boss in a working environment, their high work ethic and self-imposed pressure puts them head and shoulders above others. However, they take on too much responsibility, find it hard to switch off and relax by themselves or with others. This is perhaps the reason anorexia is much more common for people with large index fingers. They literally see themselves as bigger than they are; their projection for success is greater, but they must learn to take an easier attitude towards themselves. It is these high standards and big goals that make them dominant around others. They feel only they can do the job right, get the house sorted, book the holidays and therefore dominate in these areas and can be bossy and controlling. Some of these traits are intensified if there is a whorl print on the index.

Inflexibility, Rigidity and Stubbornness

Fingers that were so stiff I could not get them to bend for the ink print!

Although not exact synonyms of dominance, inflexible, rigid and stubborn people can control others in different ways. As they don’t shift their mindset and are inflexible to change, others cannot communicate or get their opinions across to them. This kind of person has very stiff fingers, with little flexion and they’re not maliable. Stiff fingers show a stiff and rigid mindset – not open to new ideas, very stubborn and often jealous types. Because of all this rigidity and lack of movement, people with very stiff fingers can be hard to get on with as they don’t go with the flow or adapt to other people’s views and needs very easily. This is certainly a type of dominance as it restricts people around them. They cannot have a free-flowing fluent relationship, and need things to be done and understood their way.

Environmental Dominance

Earth Hand

Control and manipulation of the outside environment is a type of dominance that may not at first spring to mind. However, someone who is able to control the physical has a  particular dominance. This is shown in the palm width. A broad, square palm (with short fingers) has a lot of stability and control over the external. Such people are able to manipulate the earth – driving tractors, building houses, digging roads… People with these ‘Earth’ type hands have control and dominance over the physical world. They are much more stable emotionally, not so affected by others’ emotional disturbances, and hold their own – being much stronger and stable. This environmental dominance is expressed by either owning the external, in the form of a big car/big house or a physical means – building, farming, hunting and shooting. With a large index finger, a hand like this is going to be extremely dominant in their given domain.

Mentally Dominant

A Sydney Line is a Head Line transversing all the way across the hand

We are starting to go into complex areas now Mentally dominant could be described in many different ways. I mean someone who has a very strong mind and can impose it on others. There are different features to look for in conjunction with this trait, but if someone has a Sydney Line they will have a propensity for dominance. The Sydney Line is a Head Line that cuts the hand in half; it shows a one-track mind, obsessive, constantly thinking type. The reason they can dominate mentally is because they find it hard to value others’ opinions. They trust their own mind and can be argumentative, very stubborn, imposing and rigid in their views. They live in the mental world, are constantly thinking and planning, making them not very emotional and very calculating. If you live with somebody with a Sydney Line they can be very hard work due to their imposing their opinions on one, their obsessive thinking and adamant mindset.

Emotional Dominance

A curved Heart Line with a large (dominant) index finger

This is not as clear as some of the other signs.  There are many different things that may lead to someone who is dominant in an emotional way. However often this can be seen through a very curved expressive Emotion/Heart Line. When the line of emotion is very curved it shows someone who is very expressive and very passionate. If there are extroverted tendencies or fiery qualities on the hand this will show someone who flares up, can get very angry, wants passion, needs drama and overall can be quite a handful emotionally! People with Heart Lines like this are best suited to each other as they have the same emotional needs. As with all these examples, if a large index finger is seen in conjunction with any signs of dominance, it makes it a certainty that there will be an element of asserted control in this area.