The water hand in defined by long fingers and a narrow palm. This is a combination that puts someone in the world of feelings, thoughts and emotions. The narrow hand make them sensitive to the environment while the long fingers put them in their mind.

The long fingers and narrow palm of a therapist

Water elemental types are the most sensitive, intuitive, artistic, caring and emotional. They love to discuss feelings and thoughts, they can happily spend all day analysing people and their relationships!

People and relationships are very important to a water person, and in contrast to the fire hands, the water hand feels best when they are involved, helping or with people. They base a lot on their feelings, and this will be the deciding factor in most decisions. How they ‘feel’ is very important. They care more about people than things, and are not materially driven. They love to work with people and they make great carers, helpers, counsellors, therapists and healers. They are also the most creative types, and it is always necessary to check that the person has a creative outlet of some sort.

This creative side can be seen in many different ways, but a water hand feels very good when translating emotions through a creative process, and doing any sort of intuitive art, painting etc… this a very rewarding process for them, and even if they are not technically good artists, it is the process they benefit from, and creativity should always be encouraged. Despite this natural creative side, the water hand finds it more difficult than others to succeeded in a business sense. The competitive world does not suit them, as much as fire types, and it is a challenge for them to find success in competitive areas.

They always need to come back to what makes them them. Which is socialising, being with people, working with emotions and being creative.

The Water Hand of a jewellery maker, narrow palm with long fingers

They are naturally open and are more easily influenced. Appearance wise, they can look very young, have soft skin but are more prone to putting on weight. They like to flow, and are easy going and their clothes and appearance will normally reflect this. The lines on their hands are soft and delicate. They are more in touch with alternative views and are typically drawn to anything ethereal and spiritual. Poetic, whimsical, artistic, healers, writers, all are words synonymous with the water type.

Having spent a lot of time in India, I have seen more water hands per person here than in any other country. Generally speaking, these are people who’s lives are build on spiritual beliefs. They do not like fighting and war, but instead care deeply about their community. They have a strong sense of song, dance, love of music and beautiful clothing. All are very water traits.

It is important that a water person has a sense of being grounded. They have a tendency to live more with their heads in the clouds and advising them to have a sense of routine, or to do something physical (gardening, palates) will help them build a strong platform for their other qualities to live off.