“Amazing! Lawrence really has great knowledge and guiding skills. I learned so much about myself and my patterns. Tools how to live in more ease and joy. He clearly could tell major events, past, present and future. Am amazed how deep this goes and our ability to dream ourselves into being. Lawerence really holds you in a calm, professional space with a very respectful and honourable approach. He´s easy to listen to and he delivers the knowledge in ways that are easy to absorb. I highly recommend and looking forward to having another session. Thank You!”

– S. Santia

“Fantastic hand reading, incredibly accurate, interesting and informative. If you are looking for a reading with a more scientific and psychological framework then Lawrence is the hand reader to go to. Very professional, well read and knowledgeable, couldn’t recommend him enough.”

-N. Lowe

”I did this out of pure curiosity and had the most remarkable and unexpected experience with Lawrence. It was like as if he was living in my life! Incredibly insightful and precisely accurate, including both my strengths and my weaknesses and how to work on them and lots of career insight that was completely personal. He has a warm, intelligent and highly engaging manner and I would genuinely recommend this to anyone. I was very surprised by the whole thing and did not expect the results to be as they were.”


”I first saw Lawrence at a summer festival and wasn’t able to get an appointment as he got fully booked each day, and now I understand why! The reading was incredibly insightful and brilliantly accurate. It’s one thing to ‘know’ yourself but quite another to have someone reflect all of how you are back to yourself. I don’t think anyone has ever described me so precisely. He addresses both weaknesses and strengths – without making you feel that they are weaknesses or strengths, but that they just ‘are’, and provides grounded advice on how to manage these. Personally he seems lovely and was incredibly accommodating – I live in Scotland whilst he is currently in India and he was still able to arrange an appointment via Skype. I wondered if just sending pictures would be enough for a reading – and it really was.”

-M. Thomas

”My hour with Lawrence was truly insightful and thought provoking. I was amazed at how much of what Lawrence shared with me resonated on a deep level and on how much this helped clear my thinking in varioua aspects of my life. When it comes to palmistry Lawrence is clearly the real deal. His professional approach and broad knowledge base resulted in an incredibly revealing experience whilst feeling like i was in a very well held space. I whole heartedly recommend anyone with any pull towards this experience or Lawrence as a therapist to give it a go.”

-D. Ellison Marketing Manager

”In looking at person’s hand, Lawrence is a smart and sensitive professional with good overview and refined interpretation skills. He has been able to focus with unexpected precision the main aspects of my life, my strengths and my weaknesses, suggesting to me some good ways to overcome my difficulties following my natural inclinations and using my potentialities. Chirology is a surprising and exciting field of knowledge, still little known and perhaps underestimated, but it can become more widely known and acknowledged thanks to passionate professional like him. As a psychologist, I can say that Lawrence has a deep psychological approach, focused on the positive potential of the individual (me, in this case), and with therapeutic use of the words. It was a very interesting session.”

-E. B Physiologist

”Fantastic hand reading, incredibly accurate, interesting and informative. If you are looking for a reading with a more scientific and psychological framework then Lawrence is the hand reader to go to. Very professional, well read and knowledgeable, couldn’t recommend him enough.” 

-Nick L. Acupuncturist

”I found this experience quiet incredible. Areas of my personality were pinpointed and understood in a way people who have know me for 15 years are only just seeing. I had this reading as a complete sceptic, and am very please this was the case, as it only validates what was said even more.”

– Mark S.  Corporate Lawyer 

”I had never experienced palm reading before, and didn’t know anyone else that had either so really didn’t know what to expect and dare I say it, I was probably a little sceptical. I was totally blown away by how accurate it was. It was incredibly refreshing and comforting to hear someone else telling me the frustrations I have with myself – why I have them in relation to my character – how perhaps to steer my life in a way that would better suit me, affirming what I already know but with a freshness to it. Lawrence’s warmth and understanding nature made me feel at ease, he was very careful with his words and clearly knowledgeable and an expert in his field.”

-Lauren Havard, Public Relations

”Lawrence’s hand reading was fascinating, insightful and seemed founded on real knowledge and integrity. I would definitely recommend him to anyone curious to understand the messages their hands held for them.”

– N.Campbell Craniosacral therapist

“Lawrence’s hand reading was very impressive indeed.  He pinpointed almost exactly timings of events in my past, and gave me a lot of help with regard to what jobs would be suitable for me. He is very diplomatic and sensitive in his approach too.”

-Laura B, Welfare Officer, Oxford

”I admit that before Lawrence read my hand I was interested and intrigued but slightly sceptical of the depth and relevance of the outcome. Lawrence dispelled my doubts in a captivating session where he took me on a journey of self knowledge and reflection which was thought provoking and accurate. Lawrence does not recite a generic patchwork of clichés strung together for you to associate with loosely, nor does he ask you leading questions upon which he could generate barely plausible statements. Instead this is you and your life laid bare.

If you already believe you know yourself but are seeking a summary to help in your future self development then a reading from Lawrence is a perfect way to start. If you have never sat down and analysed yourself then let Lawrence do it for you, and be amazed at what you learn.”

-S. Hill

“Lawrence’s ability in palmistry reveals both a deep knowledge of the subject and an intuitive understanding of the human psyche”

-Dr. S. Smith

”Lawrence has an innate capacity to read palms and translate in an empathetic manner to clients what is “written”. His thoroughness and stamina means he will dedicate a lot of time and energy to his client and you cannot leave but feeling satisfied and guided. This is not future telling nor juju magic! This is empathetic psychology.”


”My hand reading by Lawrence was a most amazing experience. As I have never had my hand read before I was astounded by the accuracy of the reading. He got everything spot on about myself and even predicted matters going on in my life at the present. He explained everything very eloquently and in an assured and confident way. He had a very good knowledge of the subject matter. I truly believe Lawrence has the potential to go far in this field.”

– C. King

“Lawrence did a great reading. It got me puzzled both in its incredible accuracy and methodology. I was expecting some sort of future predictions and some sort of fortune telling but its nothing of the sort!  I will definitely have it read again to check how much I have changed.”

– V. Leitao

”At the end of my reading I felt that Lawrence knew me better than I know myself. However, this didn’t intimidate me as he is very non judgemental and compassionate. He seems to be able to piece together different parts of the hand to paint such an in depth picture of your mental and emotional tendencies.  It really helped me to understand my own personality better, how I interact with the world and to remember my strengths. It’s been a big turning point for me and I look forward to integrating everything I have learnt from Lawrence in my daily life.

– A. Ryder, Interior Designer