The Life Line is the most well-known line of the hands. With my clients around 1/3 of them have a question related to their Life Line in some way.

“Do I have a good Life Line?’’ – “Do I have a Short Life Line?’’ -“Am I going to die soon!?’’

It is very easy as a chirologist to reassure people with answers to these questions. And here I will explain my answers so as to relieve you of any worry or confusion!

What the Life Line Does Show

The Life Line is your anchor

The Life Line shows how stable and grounded you are. It is like your root to the earth and your anchor. Showing how stable you are both psychologically and physically. It also shows vitality, energy and how well the body is functioning (with things like digestion and sleep patterns).

What the Life Line Doesn’t Show

The Life Line does not show how long you will live! This is an old palmistry myth and does not have any science or testing behind it. There have been studies done to disprove this myth where doctors have measured the length of the Life line on people in morgues and looked for a correlation with length of life; there was no link.

Firstly, it can be useful to understand timing with the Life Line. If you look at the Life Line chronologically, you can see timings of events and incidences, which can be either physical or psychological events. Any markings on the Line can be timed and measured like on the hand below.


Timing on the Life Line

It is not always relevant or necessary to time the Life Line however. When the Life Line is short or fades out at a certain age, the effects of it being short and faded would be felt holistically rather than chronologically. This is illustrated with the case studies below.

Here I will show you several Short Life Lines and explain their meanings.

Short Life Line: 1

This is a very Short Life line, it is also quite delicate and faded. This lady is in her 60’s and the Short Life Line has not ended her life early and nor will it.

If you look at the Life Line chronologically, you can see timings of events and incidences, which can be either physical or psychological events. These are seen as breaks, gaps, crosses or bars on the line.

Short and Weak Life Line

What it does show is a lack of feeling grounded and not being able to have stability in a physical and psychological way. She also suffered from ME for many years. Energy level problems are typical for someone with a weak and faded Life Line as it shows there is not much consistency and strength in their body currently.

This lady has moved around the world and engages in a life of esoteric spiritual practices and various healing arts. Constantly travelling and moving is expected with a Life Line like this as there is no ‘root’ keeping someone in place. Being drawn to things that are ‘other worldly’ and esoteric spiritual practices are also common as there is not a strong Life Line present to keep oneself ‘grounded’. There is of course nothing wrong with this life style, but one must work on developing the Life Line so it is not a compulsion and there is balance all round.

Short Life Line: 2

This lady is 53, her Life Line peters out and fades out well before this age, but of course, she is still with us.

Short and Faded Life Line

As normal with a Short Life Line, she has trouble knowing where her home is and has never really known where she wants to live. I read her partner’s hands as well and they were both planning on leaving the city together and setting up a new home and work in the countryside where they will be much happier. This is a good move for her if she persists and makes it her long term base, which I believe she will.

It is another weak, as well as Short Life Line and although she doesn’t suffer from energy level problems in the same way as the first print, she does recognise all the psychological aspects of feeling a bit fragile mentally. She never got any support from her parents with her career and they completely cut her off for going down a path they did not want her to take. She felt totally unsupported from 20-40 years of age and this relationship still remains largely the same. We can see this effect on the Life Line and how it shows this lack of support.

Short Life Line: 3

Very rare, no Life Line developed

This is the most extreme lack of Life Line in a print that I have. This was a man I met in India and as you can see, he barely has a Life Line. This is quite extreme. He was very unstable and quite ‘lost’; he was drinking a lot and running away from his work and home in Mumbai. When he came to me to ask for help with ‘his life’ and I was able to explain to him practical ways in which he could start to ground himself, feel more stable, feel stronger in himself and work on feeling more capable to cope with life.

Someone with a Life Line like this is going to be very floaty, as there is nothing keeping them on this planet. A small event/mishap in life can be a massive problem and shake them up. They will feel very wobbly because they have nothing making them feel strong and stable.

I hope my reading with this man helped him out and he is on the road to building a stronger Life Line.

Short Life Line: 4

Lastly, I am finishing with this Holy Man from India. Look at the photo and see where his Life Line stops – very early…but he is very old. I write about this Life Line in my article on ‘The Holy Hands of India‘ but to summarise this here:

The Short Life Line again shows the lack of a physical root. He is going to be very mobile and flexible. This man does not have any money, no home and lives a life of spiritual devotion, getting all his food and money from begging. Where he lays his head is home.

This is seen totally in the very Short Life Lines on both hands.

Double Life Line

Sometimes people will come to me thinking they have a Short Life Line when actually they have a Double Life Line. Read my article here to understand the meaning of this pattern.

A Double, Overlapping Life Line



The Short Life Line affects somebody’s root, how sturdy they feel and how able they are to feel grounded.

Some typical challenges will be:

  • Finding a home and staying put in one place
  • Supporting oneself financially
  • Supporting oneself mentally and emotionally
  • Taking care of the physical body
  • Keeping to a routine

Of course, these do not all always apply and there are many other things the Short Life Line can affect, as we have seen with the case studies above. But always think of it as affecting someone’s sense of root, support and stability.

All these aspects can be worked on and strengthened. Advice for someone with a Short Life Line will vary depending on other hand features, so it is looked at within a larger context.

If you would like to know more about your Life Line please get in touch via the contact page.