Understand your purpose – Know what you are best at – Find fulfilment in work and relationships – Self-development and awareness

Hand analysis is like reading somebody’s blue print. It gives a deep and complete picture of your physical, emotional and psychological character in an instance.

  • Become a better leader, manager, person
  • Achieve more joy, fulfillment, peace of mind and success
  • Know your Life Purpose and live it (your work-type…not job description…of greatest potential and how you are meant to make a difference in the world)
  • Understand your special innate gifts and talents
  • Make a more meaningful contribution to the world
  • Wake up inspired and excited about your life and work every day!
  • Get your team on purpose with greater cohesiveness, morale, and performance
  • Know your Life Lesson; learn from it to make better choices and improve your life
  • Identify your blind spots and reduce challenges and obstacles
  • Clients say one hand analysis is comparable in learning and value to at least 1-3 years of personal growth, self-improvement work, or psychotherapy!
  • Understand your relationship issues and heal them
  • Discover greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Increase your intuition
  • Increase your self-confidence, step into, and own your power
  • Give yourself permission to be authentically YOU and to know exactly why you came into this life AND know how to live that life more fully
  • Answer the big “Whys” in your life

This makes it a very unique tool; it doesn’t require meeting you face to face, it doesn’t require “getting to know you” and it doesn’t require multiple sessions and lots of time.

It is a completely objective, accurate and insightful method that allows you to understand yourself better. Ever wondered,

Why you are the way you are?

How to improve your life? 

What things you could change to benefit you?

What work best suits me?

What relationship am I most suited to?

What your greatest strengths are and how to use them?

We are not always consciously aware of our own thought patterns and why we are the way we are, but your hands literally show you this.

When you have your hands read, you receive a complete map of yourself. You can then find the answers to your questions, navigate your own life better and feel more confident in yourself, all in just 1 hour.