When looking at hands the best place to start is with the shape. An important factor within analysing the shape is seeing if the hand is square or rectangular.

Rectanglur/Narrow Palms

These are found on the Fire and Water elemental types. A narrow palm is heavily influenced by the environment. These people adapt quickly to what is going on around them. For example, if others are excited, they will become excited too; or if they enter a room with a depressing atmosphere it will hit them strongly. Narrow/rectangular palms show someone who is affected by their surroundings, and in turn the surroundings affect their energy and emotions. These people are susceptible and react to the outer world. Fire types seek stimulation, look for excitement and need to have things going on around them. Water types feel their way through the world – always sensing situations and environments. It is the rectangular palm of both these elements that give them such a strong resonance with what is going on around them.

Square palms

A square palm is found on Earth and Air hands. These wider palmed types have more structure and dominance over their surroundings. They are less influenced and affected by their environment than someone with a narrow palm would be. Structure and organisation are important for square palmed people – particularly the Air hand type, who needs logic and order. The broad palm adds an ability to organise an environment.With an Earth hand the sense of structure and order can exhibit itself in a more physical way, especially if there is a very wide base to the palm – which shows physical power, strength and a love of the outdoors. Square palms on an Earth hand show a person who likes to build and physically manipulate their surroundings, or have ownership over things, eg, driving a powerful 4×4 car. The key feature is control over the environment – being mentally or physically organised.

Comparing the types

  • A narrow palm is emotional and can be unstable
  • A square palm is less emotional and more stable
  • A narrow palm is very influenced by an environment
  • A square palm ‘holds their own’ more
  • A narrow palm likes external stimulation
  • A square palm likes external control, order or routine