Is there a marriage line in palmistry? Can you see how many children you will have? The answer is no, but it is also more complex than you might think.

There are many myths in palmistry, and being able to ascertain marriage and children from a small line under the little finger is perhaps the biggest falsehood. Superstitious, outdated palmistry says these lines reveal when and for how long you will be married, and how many children you will have. Unfortunately (and obviously) this is apocryphal.

Aside from being inaccurate when empirically examined, think about why this cannot work and why one line cannot show marriage: Do you know people who have different experiences of marriage? Do you know some people who are happily married, unhappily married or perhaps in a relationship and have children, but out of wedlock? And as for children – people’s experiences are different: some cherish having children, others don’t.

The hand is a psychological reflection of yourself, therefore any marking and lines reflect something personal about your psyche. Everyone relates to relationships, marriage and children differently, and these things show individually on the hand.

Getting married or having children are two of the biggest events in life, and they show on the hand depending on the individual’s perception of them. Very often, having a child brings stress, challenges and limitations, as seen in the example below:

Challenging parenting experience

Having a child is seen here on the Life Line at age 29

This is the hand of a man who loved travelling, exploring and adventure sports. At 29 he had a child and was hugely affected by the change of lifestyle. A bar across his Life Line shows the shock and impact of fatherhood. The bar line shows a difficult period, a shaking up of his stability and a shock. He agreed this was his experience with his first child.

Positive parenting experience

Children here are seen on the hand by a second Fate Line

This is the hand of a 46-year-old woman who had her first children in her mid-thirties. It shows a completely different reaction. Having children for her was a wholly positive experience. It changed her perspective on life and gave her a new sense of direction. This can be seen in the Fate Line where in her mid-thirties a second outer line develops and runs alongside the Fate line (and eventually surpasses it). This shows the strong impression having children made and how it changed her life path and her perspective of her career. The primary Fate Line ends as she left her job and become fully involved with her children – as seen in the second Fate Line.


Marriage works in the same way. Everyone has a unique perception and it affects people differently. There is no single marking that universally shows a marriage. Relationships, like children or making money, have varying importance for different people and the greater importance someone places on relationships, the more they care about when their next relationship is coming or when they are going to meet their life partner. Chirology can show the value placed on relationships, and allow an understanding of how someone can work towards manifesting what they want. Let’s look at an example.

A Water Hand, with a curved Heart Line, short Life Line and small index fingers, signifies specific needs and qualities in relationships

Relationships are of primary importance for this lady. She has a Water Hand, meaning being in a romantic relationship is the most significant thing to her, and that in general relationships and people are paramount. However, when the her ‘perfect’ relationship is not manifesting, it is no use simply saying, “You will meet a tall handsome man next year and have children soon after” (as so many charlatans do…). One has to examine the psychological reasons why an ideal relationship might be impeded.

Both her index fingers are short, with radial prints on both. These are significant indicators of self-esteem and self-worth issues. People with this combination have a strong tendency to place a partner on a pedestal, be submissive and undervalue themselves. This client had in fact been in abusive relationships, and this was an important area of the hand to discuss and analyse, so she could understand how to improve and constructively work on these features. Both Life Lines show gaps at the base, showing a lack of personal stability and strength which, particularly for this Water hand, she would try to find fulfilment through a partner – for the partner to become her sense of stability. Again, understanding and explaining the significance of her Life Line patterns would allow her to make positive changes to impact the nature of her next relationship. If she develops her inner strength and root, she will not be reliant on a partner and will attract a more balanced relationship.

Her Heart Line is curved and expressive, showing clear gender expression, obvious feminine qualities and an emotional transparency. A suitable partner would have to be compatible with these qualities. This lady would feel most comfortable with an equally emotionally expressive, passionate male – which equates to an alpha type. If she paired up with a shyer, more reserved man (as she had done in the past), their gender roles would not be clearly defined within the relationship – which for someone with a curved Heart line is not ideal as they are more stereotypically gendered and prefer traditional relationship roles. In short, she needs a strong man as she is a strong woman. This was important for her to understand and allowed her to see patterns in previous relationships and why they were not working despite her best efforts. By looking at her hands we can see things of immense value regarding relationships. We can see pitfalls, weaknesses, strengths and necessities, and by evaluating all these areas we can understand how a person can work to allow a balanced relationship to form. Through self-awareness and development, the best relationships arise – not from being told of a tall dark stranger entering one’s life and a promise of happy ever after!