Here we are looking at a holy man, Sadhu, from Varanasi in India. A Sadhu is a man who has devoted his life to God. He has renounced the material world, not working and only living off the donations of others. Being more touristy than it used to be, Varanasi now attracts many ‘fake’ Sadhus, who spend most of their time smoking chillums and posing for photos.

Let’s see what we can get from this one…

We can see from the photo a Fire Hand type; this is an active, instinctive, busy type. His index finger is short giving rise to the ring finger, which if you zoom in closely, reveal both to have whorl prints! Showing an artist eye, creative abilities in style and decoration. Along with the hand shape and the finger length will certainly give him a dramatic, performance side! On both hands, we can see a good quality, straight head line. This is a logical thinker, someone who is rational, organised with precision and clarity in their thoughts.

Sadhu rh


The Emotion line is very long and quite straight. This is a deep emotional person, but is not so openly expressive and does not ‘ware his heart on his sleeve’. With his straight Head Line he would think a lot and try to be very rational about all his deep emotional feelings. Looking closely again, on the right hand there is a slight curve towards the index finger. This gives a strong idealistic quality. He will have high standards of anything his heart is involved with, which could explain why he tried to get 200rupees off me for a 15 second photo!

There are a lot of stresses to do with family and home life shown by the large number of creases on the thumb ball, the themna eminence, though other minor lines show some quite nice qualities.  There are clear Samaritan lines under the little fingers showing a caring and giving nature. There is a Mercury line on the right hand (fine line heading diagonally toward the little finger) showing clarity of thought and expression. There is also quite a decent Apollo line under the ring finger of both hands. There are certainly moments of peace and stillness here.

sadhu left handThe troubling aspect to this hand is the total lack of half the Life Line! Worse on the right hand, this is rare to see in such vacuity. When missing this much, there is a total lack of structure, root, feeling grounded and feeling safe, secure, strong within oneself and confident and capable. On the right hand the line stops completely at age 35 and I would expect this to be a significant changing point for him. It is then supported by a smaller, inner ‘retreat’ line. This could suggest the life he choose to take after the end of the Life Line is one based on timidity, fear and lack of confidence.

His middle finger is also very short. This will make him very nonconformist and very unconventional. He won’t ever want to be told want to do, follow rules or abide to sociality. Though with the absents of the Life Line there is no sense of structure within him and he will certainly need outside people or a group to support him. I have no doubt that being a Sadhu, roaming free and having a community of other ‘rebels’, outcastes or oddballs suits him very well. There is a very strong sense on not belonging with this hand. The lack of Life Line will also make it very hard to commit to anything and I would be very sceptical as to have devoted or routinely he practises his meditation and yoga.

He is able to be non-conformist short middle finger, dress up and put on a show (ring finger + whorl), find comfort in a group of other non-conformists short middle finger + missing life line while having the world support him through donations and not having to commit to any place, job or location missing Life Line.

He seems very suited to his life style, though if I were able to speak Hindi there would definitely be advice I would give him to help balance out these aspects in the hands!