These are the hand prints of a Brahmin (one of the highest classes in the Indian caste system) and Sadhu (spiritual devotee). He is 64 years old and gave up everything 10 years ago to start his spiritual path. He was married with grown up children when he decided to devote the rest of his life to God, living in temples and surviving on donations. He had a very friendly manner saying to me he believes only in “truth, love and compassion”. When I asked about his family he said that ”all the world” are his children and soul mates. Let’s look at his palms!

On his right hand we can see the length of the Head Line, cutting across the entire hand know as a Sydney Line. This shows the long, drawn out complex thoughts he has, but also the unyielding nature of his mind. Any line cutting the hand in half is an excess sign and with the Head Line, it shows someone who can be very rigid in their thinking process. And indeed, when speaking to him there was not much sense of a discussion, it was more him telling me his philosophies and it was never possible to get a direct answer to my questions on his life, or family.

We can see a very clear Fate line, running up the hand towards the middle finger. This shows his clear sense of himself and direction. He will feel he has a duty and a is destined to be where he is.

Before he became a Sadhu he studied English literature at university, was a very good student. He worked high up one of the biggest logistical companies in India before he went on his journey. This technical proficiency can be seen with the long Head Line – a strong logical thinker who will plan and be able to think in great depth. He has a Fire Hand shape, this would have been the basis for the drive and action needed to get to a high place in business. To this day he endlessly travels, there is a strong passion towards adventure and action, all Fire type traits.

Looking at the left hand (the inner more privet and personal self) we can see some troubling marks. The Head Line is far from coherent. It is made up of two lines, one high, one low that together form a large island and loop.

This is not ideal. A muddled Head Line like this gives someone in a lot of inner confusion. Their inner thought process is not clear or linear. It adds a huge amount of stress and finding clarity with your mind is very hard to do.

This is possibly not what you would expect from a Sadhu, however one must think are there any other reasons why someone would leave their wife and two sons of 14 and 16, their home and their job.

Left Hand: Intensity Line and Head Lines

We also see a very dramatic and strange line cutting into the subconscious area on the left hand. This is partly an ‘Intensity’ Line but could also be an ‘Allergy’ Line of some kind. He had no known allergies but has terrible chest problems and a very weak hoarse voice, which he says in asthma. This is likely due to a number of bidis (small roll up cigarettes) he smokes though and I wouldn’t expect this to cause such a line. Acting as an Intensity Line, this cuts of part of the deeper self, the subconscious. A deep mark like this makes it very hard to be in touch with ones subterranean feelings as the is a blockage, a strong dived. Such people are restless, they keep themselves busy and find it hard to listen to their inner voice that can guide them. This too would seem very strange to find on a Holy man. If we look at the Heart (emotion) Line, we see that it is quite long and straight, with a floating higher section (most clear on the right hand). This means that deeper feelings will be harder to express, there will be an obvious outer display of emotions but it would be harder to feel and get in touch with the deeper feelings. If we look at a few other factors we see a Short Index finger. This will effect his confidence and give a feeling of  ‘not being good enough’ sometimes. So, all in all, I think there will definitely be some complexities, more than one might think anyway.

The Holy man, Sadhu and Brahmin

These are some very significate patterns to have and in combination with each other can create a huge amount of inner conflict and even turmoil.

Having seen these hand prints I am sure that the decision to take the holy high road would be because he was seeking some relief and peace.

It happens that when people have a disturbance on the Head Line they can often seek salvation of the mind in spiritual forms. This is an obvious remedy for a trouble and disorderly mind. The Intensity Line would have made him a workaholic, and now he has chosen a life that involves facing himself rather than denying it. He made the life change 10 years ago but might still have a way to go, I hope that he finds more peace and clarity in this new life than he would have done in his old one.