Continuing here to look at the meanings of the gestures and postures we subconsciously take with our hands. Part 1 left us hanging with some finger interpretations. We will continue that mainly with the little finger, but first… What makes someone different from the norm…?

Non-conventional, non-conformist

Short bent Index finger and fingers leaning away from the thumb

To the right is a hand with unusual finger posture. We can see the index finger is short and bent but also the is the genital fanning of the fingers away from the thumb, toward the ulnar side of the hand. When the fingers lean out like this it shows someone who does not fit it conventionally to society. It suits them to take unusual paths and they feel very restricted when they have to conform. They are free thinking and want to live unconventionally since they do not ‘fit into the mould’. Now, because the index finger is short and bent we know there is going to be a self-confidence issue. There is a lack of self-esteem and there will be a shyness about being oneself. So what we have is someone who is shy, self-conscious and does not what to rock the boat, but does not feel comfortable in ‘normal’ society and wants to be living a unique lifestyle, without conforming and having original views. This lady lives in a remote village with her partner in a different country to her family and spends her time practising and teaching yoga and is very absorbed in the alternative esoteric side.

A short middle finger

The short middle finger is another clear sign of rebellion and a non-conformist. This is not a posture, it is a fixed physical trait. People with a short middle finger do not like big organisations, rules, regulations, bureaucracy and being told what to do. Anti-instructions, anti-authority and if found with other hand features there can be more criminal tendencies (this is with other extreme signs though).  Think rebellious and contumacious when this finger is short.



Money, sex and communication

The little finger shows all of these things. Different postures are very revealing, some are more fixed, others more temporary.  All have meaning!

To the right, we can see a jutting out little finger. Standing pushed out away from the others. It is to do with intimacy and relationships. The finger sticking out like this shows it is hard for someone to express themselves. Their ability to communicate is stifled and they have feelings that are not being expressed to their partner. There is a problem with intimacy through a lack of communication and exploring ones deeper feelings in relation to their partner and expressing them becomes very important. Now, why do some people feel comfortable wearing rings on some fingers but not others. Its all to do with the unconscious meanings of the fingers. A ring on the little finger for a woman shows some sort of availability. They are looking to communicate and connect with other people. Flirty and sociable woman often where rings here, also woman who are feeling trapped in some way. It shows some form of wanting to connect with other people, how intimately this is totally depends on all other factors. Men wear a ring on the little finger also to enhance there communication and status of power (money). A signet ring shows all these things, think of the mafia bosses, the bigger the ring on the little finger the bigger the statement of power and success. 

The Hook. A little finger that cannot be straightened

Bent Little finger

Two more variations I want to mention, both with the little finger. Sometimes it seems someone cannot straighten it, it is hooked and bent. As with all aspects of this finger, it shows an effect on intimacy, money and communication. Connecting and communicating can be an issue with a partner, there is a blockage that stops the natural flow of the finger. In extreme cases this can even be a fear of intimacy. It can also show a very tight person with money. They are frugal, not liking to spend, waste or give money away. A bent little finger is a strange occurrence. No children are born with bent little fingers like this but they do develop over time. It shows someone who can manipulate language, can bend the truth for the advantage or can ‘wrap someone around their little finger’ (whaaay!). This is very useful for people in sales and such jobs. However do remember there is more chance of them not telling the truth, being secretive in some way and holding back information.

Independence and self-confidence

Strong Index finger

Finishing our look at the finger postures. Some very autonomous people have an index finger that is held out/dominates the hand. With a strong index finger, one that is separate, held out and confident. We see someone who is independent and self-assured. They need there own space and can separate themselves from the group through a sense of individual ability and self-reliance. If someone has a long index finger anyway and they hold it separately they are going to be extrmeely c0nfident, boss and indapendant. As mentioned in part 1 of these articles, postures can change our mood and adopt us internally. If someone has a short bent index finger, showing a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Holding out and proud will help change the psychology, just like standing up with your check out. The index finger and the thumb are the most important for confidence.