Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Hand elements are a very effective and easy way to categorise the different shapes and types of hand. It was palmist Fred Gettings who re-established the elements in hand reading in the 1960’s and developed the classifications. Since then they have generally been used in all chirology. I was first introduced to the element system by Johnny Fincham and have used it as the basis and starting point for all my readings. When reading a hand always start with the shape. It gives the broadest insight into the persons nature and character and from here the person knows you are talking about them.

It is key that every person is true to there type. Richard Unger places this as the most important rule in hand analysis. An earth hand must be providing, fill steady  and be using there hands in some way. An air hand must be mentally stimulated. A fire type has to be active and a water hand must be creative, sensitive or work with people and emotions in some way. Understanding the elements, their variations, mixtures and complexities can help hugely in understating a person and how they function.