Hand Analysis Report

A Written Report from 2013


Hand Reading Report

Hand Shape

Your hand is a mixture of elemental shapes. There is a clear square shaped to the palm on both hands, which will give you a lot of earth qualities. There is also some water element in your hand indicated by the texture of the hand which is putty like and squidgy .

This is a manual hand, with a creative feel. Gardening, pottery etc.. anything creative and manual would be very good for you!

You do have a mixture of elements though.  Earth is your strongest, though your lines do have a touch of air in them, which means thinking, over thinking and analysing.

Earth people are the most grounded, they are solid and reliable, they love structure and anything practical. Your square palm means that you will naturally dominate situations and like to have control and order over an environment. You will seek organisation and structure. It is very important with this hand shape that you do things that are practical, physical and that you have a lot of planning in your mind and life. This is a hand shape of someone who needs to be dominating and in control (organised) with their thoughts and plans. Earth people make very good supporters as well and you would feel very good when being a provider. This is something you will naturally do and the more grounded, physical and organised you are in yourself, the more natural this will be for you.  There is a real endurance quality to your hand – you can certainly take a lot without giving up.

You have a very active mind, indicated by a lot of lines on the hand. This shows there is a lot of mental activity, lots of thinking, over thinking, analysing and worrying. It is unusual to find this on a typical earth hand and therefore adds to the water quality of your hand. Anything that brings relaxation to you via a physical means would be really good for you. Earth hands respond very well to manual, physical things and when doing these things your mind will rest.  You need to let of steam physically, don’t try and over think situations.rh

The watery quality in the look and feel of your hand will give you a real people connection and allow you to respond and resonate easily. It will also give you an artistic and creative side and it is very important you do things that allow you to be creative (manually is best for you).

Earth and water are the dominate elements overall. Earth is steady and reliable. Water is creative, arty and good with people. These are things you must be doing in order to feel like yourself.

Skin texture

Your skin appears to be of paper quality. This basically means you will have a strong intellectual side and means that working outdoors all day would not satisfy your mind. You need stimulating conversation, you need ideas and discussion. You feel very good when interacting and talking about things with others. It will give you a real people connection with the water in your hand. It also means that it is very important for you to discuss and talk over emotions and problems, and this will be your natural best way of understanding your feelings.



Your fingers are of good normal length.  They have a slight upward bend on the tips. This shows the way that your mind goes. You will be a positive and forward thinker, uplifting (and possibly quite funny!)

The flexibility in the fingers means that your mind will be very open and flexible. You will be very talented and good at a lot of things. You can join any class and pick it up very quickly, however you find it very hard to stick to one thing or see it though. You will pick up and read 3 or 4 books at the same time perhaps! You will be able to fit into lots of different situations and adapt very easily, but learning to focus is really important. Choosing something, seeing it through, completing a task is a very good thing for you to be doing. It will bring more structure into the mind and make everything easy. It will also help with the over thinking!

There is a slight bend on the ring finger inwards, this shows that there is/was a sense of not being able to have as much creative/fun time as you needed because of duty or a job or because society does not allow it. Make sure if this is still the case you find a fun creative and expressive outlet. There is a part of you that likes preforming, it’s important for this to have an outlet. (It doesn’t have to be anything major – it could be something like showing off your nice garden that you have created, as long as there is a little something about you on show!)

Your little finger is quiet low set. This shows that there would not have been the best relationship between you and your father. Either he wasn’t around enough physically or emotionally, or you were not treated completely as a girl by him. This looks like something that you would have got over by this time though, the finger is of good length now. It might have meant you would have fallen in love quickly when young and wanted early security. But it is fine now.


Finger Prints

You have 4 (and a half) simple arch prints. When someone has a lot of arch prints like this it is quite specific.

The simple arch print looks like lots of layers, one on top of each other. This is reflected in what the print means and represents.

Simple arches need to take things slow and love to build strong foundations. It’s very important for you not to feel rushed by people and that you have to hurry up and do things quicker. You work in a different way to most. You take your time, build strong foundations and work your way to the top slowly. It is very important that you work in this way. Darting all over the place, starting new jobs all the time would be incredibly unsettling. Plan well, and let things happen at a pace you feel comfortable with. It will add even more earth quality to your hand. It now becomes essential that you do physical ‘old fashioned’ things. Cooking and anything manual and creative is great – simple arches love the homely, physical real things. They love nature and need to feel a connection with it.  It is your elemental type and your finger prints also say you should do something physical, rhythmical and connected.

You will make a very good friend, as you are slow to change and reliable. Make sure you play to your strengths and plan and pace your life to how you like it. Technology and being super advanced is not your cup of tea. Real, physical old fashioned things are definitely best for you. It is important that in some way you keep in touch with this. If you work with computers, it’s fine, just make sure you connect and get physical in your spare time.

There will be a tendency to repress emotions and hurts with these prints. Simple arches have a tendency to push things down rather than express them. Your natural predisposition would be to bury issues. Make sure you allow yourself to feel what you feel and let of steam physically.

Life line

The life line shows how grounded, rooted and secure someone is, it’s your root and your health marker. It shows upbringing, home and family. Your life line shows a real desire to branch out and move away from home. The main branch of your life line is moving towards the outer part of your hand and there are two smaller branches on the inside. You definitely would like to travel – your life line is drifting over the hand.

These specific type of lines here show there is a lot of separation, but also a lot of ties to home. You will feel like moving away and distancing yourself mental and physically from you parents and upbringing. However there is part of you that is still very close with family and not quite fully out there. This is fine, it means that part of you is still connected and involved in some way. Your hand shows that later in life (at approximately 45 years old) this will eventual completely fade and you will feel completely independent of family. Childhood was a bit tough for you, lacking in complete stability. You really came into your own in your late teens, this was a bit of freedom for you! This is the freedom that’s important you keep in your life now. Anything out of your comfort zone, away from family/home/familiar will make you grow and feel very good about yourself.

There is a rootless bottom to the line, which means you will find it very hard to stay put. You will be very mobile and easily get ‘itchy feet’. Finding a house to stay put in would be tricky for you.

Because of this (and your hand shape), it is a must that you give yourself a sense of routine. A walk in the park every day at the same time, or yoga every morning at the same time, regular bedtimes e.t.c (boring but useful!) The body clock, cycles and sleep patterns can be disturbed when the line is like this. So you have to create your own structure and routine to make up for the lack of it with the rootless life line (it’s quite  common this marking).


Head line

Your head line is long and clear. The head line shows how you process information, the way that you think and how you see the world. This long and straight head line will give you a logical mind with a real tendency to be a long thinker. You will be able to think far ahead, and juggle long thoughts, ideas and concepts easily in your mind. You will not be bothered just about making money and the ‘boring’ things. You care about philosophy and deeper things. Your mind is interested in complicated, less mundane matters. You will naturally think about the future or past and drift into these worlds. You have a great capacity to think far ahead, plan and hold a lot of thoughts in your mind at once.  You are very logical and can multi-task with the mind. There must be an outlet for this in your life. Otherwise you will over think matters that do not need over thinking. You must find in your work or hobbies, subjects that are complex enough for your mind to feel satisfied. Problem solving, analysing and thinking must be done in work or a hobby. Otherwise you will turn it into self-criticising, over thinking yourself and your relationships with a partner. Make sure your mind is exercised or it will make problems out of things that aren’t actually problems.


Heart line

Your heart/emotion line is the most prominent line on your hand. You are an emotional young lady! It shows emotional complexities and certainly some hard emotional times.  It would be hard to get close to you and there is an element of guarding yourself emotionally.

You have on both hands a floating extra emotion line by the 1st finger. This is like an emotional front you can put on at work and even with a partner – you will be able to smile when you are angry or be polite when you are sad. It can be a very useful asset such as people in sales work, or simply when you don’t want to express yourself you can hide what’s going on. It does mean though that there will be an emotional lag time and it will take you a little longer to register your feelings sometimes. Make sure you allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling in the moment. There is a part of you that stays hidden for too long sometimes.

On the surface of things you are very expressive, romantic and emotional. You make lots of connections with people, animated and wear your heart on your sleeve. But it’s the deeper line underneath that is the ‘real’ you (they are both you, but this one is a little truer). The deeper line is long and straight, whereas the superficial emotion line is curved and ends between the second and third finger. The long straight emotion line means things are a bit more beneath the surface and how you really feel about things is more complex and harder to read. It also means you will brew on things and will take a long time for you to process things that are deep to you.

Registering things in the moment with a partner is important for you. If you feel something you must say it and not feel that your emotions should not be expressed. Don’t hold something, go to bed and wait a week to say it!

You will also have natural giving tendencies but make sure you don’t give more than you can. Put your emotional needs first, make sure you say ‘’no’’ when you have to.

There will be times when your heart rules your head in some decision making. Be sure to use that logical mind of yours when there is a decision that has to be made. You will be very easily influenced by emotional things swaying you (water hand and big heart line) so if you are feeling a strong overwhelming emotional pull or feeling very strongly for something and you’re not sure whether it’s just your big emotional self- ask somebody, and wait till you can think logically. There will be a tendency to get over emotional and let it rule your decisions. This is because your emotion line overshadows your head in its strength and depth.

There are multiple endings to your emotion line – a trident and a floating line. You are versatile emotionally; there is certainly a tom-boy side to you. You can connect very strongly with lots of different people, but also shut off, as well as being too giving sometimes.

Make sure you express in the moment how you are feeling about something, don’t push anything down. Express it and also use your logical mind. Make sure you see things mentally as well as emotionally and base decisions more on logic.


Fate line

Your fire line (fate line) is the weakest major line. The fire line is in the middle of the hand and runs up towards the middle finger. The fire line shows your path, convictions, sense of where you’re going, your job, values and drive.  The fire line is the most variant of the major lines, and can is the most likely to be a little faint.

You have small fire lines present on both hands, it shows that there is a job or hobby in your life that strongly influences and interests you – something that you do that isn’t for money, a passion. Your fire line is in the middle of the right hand and coming from the base in the left hand. When people have a developing fire line like yours, they typically have a hobby or interest they are passionate about, but find it difficult to turn it into a full time/life time job. You would find it very hard to work just for money, this is the line of someone whose subconscious is driving their passion.

You definitely have ideas of things you like doing and want to do. Just make sure you carry these things through. Because of your fate line and your fingers it will be very easy for you to drift and be influenced by other people and things and not stay focused. You will like the idea of many things but find it hard to commit. Make sure you set yourself targets and goals and see projects though. You will be very adaptable and your mind will have a tendency to wonder. Be strong in your convictions and beliefs, anything that strengthens your direction and purpose is a good thing.

Think about what it is that makes you, you. What are the things you love doing, what are your fundament beliefs. Having these things set in your mind will definitely, make you feel structure and direction.

Note: Everything that I write about it based on tendencies, nothing is fixed and through your life all can change. The markings on the hand simply show me what will be the typical traits of the person.

Minor lines

You have many minor lines on the hand. This is a full hand, there is lots going on! Lots of thoughts and mental attributes. You have the makings of an Apollo line under your ring finger. This will give you a sense of stillness and an ability to be silent and with yourself. This is rare and you would benefit from developing it even more. Find what it is that makes you peaceful. Walking in nature, art, cooking, yoga and put it into practise. Use it to find stillness and peace when you need it. Make it routine.

Your right hand has a strong mercury line heading towards the little finger across the palm. This will add sharpness to your mind. You will be able to see things very quickly in the outer world. You will read people fast and know what they are about and definitely be an intuitive person. Your left hand also has a sharp mercury line. This is unusual and basically means you will be able to use this sharp eye of insight into yourself. You will be a very good judge of your own behaviour. It means that intuitively you will know what is good for you, what you want and need. Most people find it easier to read others than to read themselves. You have the line on your inner and outer hands, showing there is a cutting edge insight into the way your mind thinks about the world, and yourself. You can use and trust your intuition and your mind. This line is like an extra way of seeing things.

You have a strong mars line above the thumb – there is certainly a lot of fight in you! It will add a strong sense of drive and an ability to be competitive.  A water earth hand would not necessarily have this without the addition of this mars line. You have a lot of lines and markings around the Venus mound (thumb ball area) which basically show family tension. Make sure you do enough things that give you space and allow you to feel completely independent of family.

You have got a small 2nd fate line coming in from the outer side of your right hand. This is a definite interest/hobby in something very close to you. Make sure these interests and subconscious desires are followed through and you give them time.

There are a lot of imagination lines in the top section of the hand under the fingers. Again this adds to creativity and original and weird ideas! Make sure you stay grounded though. There will be a tendency for you to want to get ‘out of your head’ a little bit. A hand with a rootless life line and lots of imagination lines can be found on people that struggle to be here all the time in the ‘real world’. Drugs or alcohol will strengthen this detachment from the real world and put you in the imagination side of your mind, but it will make you very ungrounded overall and is something you must be careful about.  Your element is naturally a very grounded hand and you will feel best when there is structure, routine, creativity and manual skills developed.

You are a natural helper (water hand) and are going to be very good working with people.

Your mind is very sharp, you have got very good insight into yourself and others. This can be put to really good use.



There is a lot of separation between you and the way you were bought up and family beliefs and systems. You definitely want to branch out and move into the world and away from home. Anything that encourages this will make you feel very good about yourself. But make sure you understand there is still family connection there right now, so do not try simply to cut it all off, be patient and do things in small steps. Make sure with your arch prints that you plan well, and take your time, you are naturally steady and thorough, this is you at your best.

There are earthy creative qualities all over your hand. Make sure these are being satisfied, do anything that brings stability, as this will help the life line grow and make you feel more grounded and rooted (earth hands need this as well). But also a creative outlet is a must for you.

Make sure your mind finds something it can get stuck into. Your head line needs to be picking things apart and thinking about complex things. You would be very good at psychology, and have a natural way of understanding and seeing into people. With regards to yourself, keep it simple, routine, creative and active. But with the outer world, give your mind time to exercise.

You are a very emotional person. Outwardly you are quite expressive and this is how people would see you, but inwardly and in your private life your emotions are more complicated and you tend to hold onto things longer, dwell on them and think about your feelings. Make sure you let out your emotions through talking things over and also through activities, sports etc. It is important for you to speak and discuss all your emotions (paper skin), but because of your finger prints there must be a degree to which you express yourself physically, without over analysing or over thinking. Both are important for you. And because your emotion line (heart line) is the strongest on your hand, this will be the area where most of your attention will go, and will take the most work to control and understand. Of course, it also means it has the most potential, and you will be very able to connect and empathise with people, and your emotions will easily guide you. Defiantly express yourself creatively as well, anyone with any water in their hands need to have this as an outlet.

You have lots of thoughts, feelings and ideas. It is all about giving yourself the best platform to allow all these things to come into balance! You can be a great support of people, very creative with a sharp mind.  With floppy fingers and thumbs there would be difficulty making time for yourself and self-discipline is hard. But make sure you give yourself time to do things you need to do, you would encourage others to do the same! You’ve got good hands! There is lots of imagination, insight and creativity.