Group Readings

I started giving readings for couples, family’s and groups of people at events and festivals in 2011. With a group reading I can compare and look at all the different traits in people, it is very interesting for everyone involved to see how different or similar aspects of the hand are. With couples readings, I can examine how they can relate to each other, what needs each have and how they can fit most harmoniously. With a family reading, seeing how generational patterns continue, and how differences arise is always very interesting. It is incredibly beneficial to understand your friends, partner or family members in this way. We are all different and knowing how and why allows us to clearly see the world from another persons point of view.


Two friends having a joint reading


Hand Reading explains why:

  • People have different desires
  • Peoples needs vary
  • People get satisfaction in different ways
  • People are emotionally different and mentally so diverse
  • How people best work, and what suits them most
  • And much more…

It is very enjoyable to be part of a group where these things are discussed.

If you have any questions, or are interested in having a group reading. Please email me on

A festival group reading

Two water and one air hand at Somersault festival 2014


Learning Hand Reading

I hold Hand Reading Courses for groups or individuals who want to learn. If you like to participate in/book a day course, please contact me.
I offer courses for (maximum) 6-8 people to ensure that when you leave you all take home enough skills and knowledge to confidently begin to reading hands. No previous knowledge required.

A day of interest and fun, offered in my home or at a venue of your choice. Suitable for individuals, friends, companies – all are welcome!