Finger Prints: The Dermatoglyphics

The finger prints are extremely interesting and with just these alone you can tell a huge amount about a person’s character and their psychological predispositions. The prints on the fingers are inherited and, along with the palmar dermatoglyphics, are the only things on the hand that don’t change. An enormous amount of research has been done on the finger prints; their health and psychological meanings are very well documented.


70% of all finger prints are ulnar loops. These are loops that open out away from the thumb.
People with a lot of ulnar loops like going with the flow: they enjoy being around other people, they’re empathetic, and go with the social flow of things. Elementally, it’s a water type print, so people with 9 or 10 ulnar loops are likely to be musical, arty and emotionally receptive.
Friendships and relationships are very important to ulna looped people; they adapt easily and fit well into lots of different situations and conversations. They like to be part of what’s happening and are good all-rounders.
Unlar loops don’t give particular significance to any finger they’re on. In a reading, when you see ulnar loops, you can generally ignore them unless a person has 9 or 10 unlar loops then it is worth commenting.

Ulnar Loop

Ulnar Loop


Whorls are about individuality. When a person has a lot of whorls – 4, 5 or more – they live in their own world, their own bubble, they see things uniquely and are very intense. They can feel like they don’t belong. They’re involved in their own mind, their own ideas, and they have their own way of seeing things. They need space and freedom; they’re always original and different; they’re also always a bit ‘odd’ and can feel alienated.
They’re very intense people. The whorl likes to ‘zoom in’; it hones in and looks at small details, and can lose sight of the bigger picture. They’re often talented and always non-mainstream. With a lot of whorls a person thinks in an individual way, can be a bit alienated and intense.
The finger the print is on makes a big difference: it intensifies that finger’s characteristics:

  • Thumb – The person likes to do things independently and are often proud of this; they need a lot of space and adventure. This position shows good potential for self-discipline; these people are self-motivated and don’t need others to do things with them.
  • Index finger – Here, a whorl gives a sense of individualism; this person has a rebellious, questioning nature; they’ will never follow the crowd; they need their space. It gives a strong sense of individuality.
  • Middle finger – This can mean an unusual hobby or interests; not liking to work a normal 9-5 job, they would rather work for themselves or on their own accord. They value freedom over money. They normally have an unusual view to rules as well.
  • Ring finger – Gives an individual sense of style, taste, art, music; they will want to stand out; they’ve got good spatial awareness, good hand-eye coordination. 20% of people have a whorl on the ring finger.
  • Little finger – Much rarer here – it relates mainly to relationships, but the person can also be interested in or have knowledge of very specific and unusual things. In terms of relationships, they normally have a partner quite different to themselves, such as someone foreign or much older/younger.




People with simple arches are practical, reliable, solid, slow to change and they make loyal friends. The simple arch looks like layers building up, and that is what the person is like. They like to build strong foundations, they’re careful planners, pragmatic, have fixed ideas, are materially driven, and are loyal, humble, modest and persistent. When the majority of prints are simple arches, the person can be very stubborn and quite rebellious and difficult characters.
There is always a tendency to repress things with the simple arch, and it’s therefore very important for the person to express themselves, and get in touch with how they feel. Otherwise things gets buried and either there is a huge emotional outburst at some point, or it can turn into an illness later in life.

  • Thumb – a simple arch here gives a strong sense of stability; stubbornness; normally strong physically
  • Index finger – they’re solid people, unpretentious, but can get a bit stuck
  • Middle finger – means they’re going to like the simple life and have traditional values; they’ll desire stability over most things.
  • Ring finger – in isolation it is very rare – a lone print here may make a person repressed socially; they’ll mainly express themselves through physical activities.

Simple arch people are very slow to change; they ‘take their time’. They have honest values and pace themselves in life. Sometimes they can do with being more spontaneous.

Simple Arch

Simple Arch



The composite is an interesting looking print; it looks like a yin yang symbol. And as the shape suggests, people with a composite are often in two minds. They’re fair people who see both sides of situation. They have lots of different friends and get on with lots of different types of people. They’re often intelligent people, and have a very wide perspective on things; they have the ability to have an overview of a situation because they can see things b oth ways. They are very good at playing devil’s advocate; they can easily be ‘for or against’ in any situation, and because of this they tend to work in cycles of enthusiasm and disappointment. To be happy they need to be doing two things that are different, so two different jobs or a job and a different hobby – if possible, a composite should always do both.
They find it hard to commit and they’re never quite 100% certain about anything. So if they’re nearly convinced, they should always do it! They’re never fixed or certain, they’re open to all options. Composites are intelligent people, with a universal viewpoint and consequently make good lawyers, judges and arbitrators.
A composite is only ever really found on the index, thumb and middle fingers.

  • Thumb – gives a multi-directional viewpoint, for and against; they have enthusiasm and doubt. Definitely need to have two different interests or partake in something very different from their day job to keep them happy.
  • Index – gives duality in nature, there’ll be a need to understand ‘who they are’. They are very fair, impartial and complex people.
  • Middle – the person again will have good understanding of all viewpoints, but more to do with beliefs and structures; they’re likely to change religion and be looking for the right belief system. They’re going to have doubt about culture, values, jobs. There’s going to be a sense of searching for the correct lifepath, the correct culture or religion.



A radial loop is the same as an ulna loop but facing outwards, opening towards the thumb, and is mainly found on the index finger. People with a radial loop are the most receptive – think how the loop is opening towards the outer world. These people pick up on moods, atmospheres and feelings. They adapt and mould to another person when one-on-one, and can tune-in and ‘become’ the other. They seek praise and approval; they’re usually very kind, caring people and always empathic – this is because the loop opens outwards, all their attention goes to other people. A radial person’s sense of self and self esteem is derived from others. For this reason they are always trying to please and are ‘hyper nice’. However this puts them at the mercy of other people.So very often radial loop people are either hyper nice and looking for people to like them, or they’re resentful of the power people have over them and the fact that it makes them feel dominated so become very difficult characters.Because they’re hyper adaptable to other people and situations, they easily lose sight of their own views and needs. It can result in a complex where they think they’re continually being bossed around and dominated by other people, even though this is not the case. It can make for irrational, difficult and defensive people.Because their sense of self-esteem is derived from how they’re perceived by others, it’s very important that they have their own time and space, and learn to feel comfortable by themselves. They give a lot to others, but it’s essential they spend time by themselves, doing what they want, so they can learn it’s not other people who have control over them.The radial loop is almost always on the first finger – very rarely it’s found on the middle or ring finger.

  • Middle – the person adapts and moulds to other cultures and structures, they can immerse themselves in a group of people and become one with them.
  • Ring finger – shows someone feeling the need to entertain, to perform and be host to others.

    Radial Loop


The rarest print is the tented arch. It’s found when there is a triradius in the arch. The tented arch is the fire element print, and it’s useful to think of it in this way. These people are the opposite to a simple arch: a tented arch person is all about adventure, excitement and enthusiasm; they’re motivational and love change. They break out of boundaries, they’re restless, self-expressive people, creative, impulsive and don’t like to be stuck somewhere.In a working environment they shoot to the top – get bored, change job and start something new. This is the opposite of the simple arch who would steadily work their way to the top over several years and are not likely to leave.Tented arch people are somewhat attracted to danger, and are thrill-seeking risk takers. They love transformation and change, and the idea of changing themselves in a positive way is incredibly appealing.This print is only found on the index finger.

Tented Arch

Tented Arch