The phalanges are the separate segments of the fingers and thumbs, there are 3 on each finger and 2 on the thumbs. Here we will be looking at the finger phalanges, let’s start with the base phalanges…

Base Phalanges

Depleted and taxed base phalanges

These relate to the physical and the body. When bulging at the bottom, this shows a love of food and sensual pleasures. When wasted and thin, it shows someone who does not care for sensual temptations and can detach from the body easily. They take a minimalist stance, not caring about luxuries in life and can be very sparse and deny themselves pleasure, wanting only that which is essential. Stress markings (vertical lines) here show physical depletion of the body, poor diet or overworking (see image above).

Large base phalanges


Thin and wasted base phalanges


Middle Phalanges

These reflect someone’s attitude towards organisation and structure. When very small (height or width) or with bars (horizontal lines across the phalanges), organisation of finances can be challenging. The middle phalange also shows our connection to the material world and possessions. When they are very large people will likely be business driven and have a lot of possessions and objects. When the phalanges here are small one does not care about money.

Dominant middle phalanges of a banker


Small middle phalanges of a charity worker, an NGO leader


Top Phalanges

The most distal phalanges show ethereal matters – matters of the mind and spiritual desires. People with a large top phalanx are more spiritually inclined, they are not so concerned with the physical and material. Their mind is on otherworldly things.

Horizontal lines here are a strong indicator of mental stress and can be linked to the digit they are found on, eg horizontal lines on the distal phalanx of the middle finger relate to stress around the home, security, finances etc. Vertical lines can relate specifically to imbalances in the endocrine system. For example, a thyroid imbalance is often seen here.

Horizontal and vertical lines on the top Phalanges; stress and possible endocrine system issues

Note: In cases of arthritis, the knuckles can swell. This is a health condition and not read into in the same way.