The Fire Hand: Narrow palm + Short fingers

This combination puts someone in the world of stimulation seeking. The short fingers mean short thought constructs, and the narrow hand means they are affected and influenced by the environment.

Fire Hand type

A Fire handed person needs to be doing. They feel good when they are achieving, and it is important that they fulfil this within them. They like to have a busy day, accomplish a lot and to do something physical. They must let off steam physically, they are prone to feelings of frustration. They are naturally sporty, intense, restless and competitive. They often work in dynamic situations where there is a competitive element. They like change and rising to the top in a situation can come quickly to them. They want constant challenge with lots of change or else they get bored.

Other people can be very frustrating for a Fire person. If they work with people it has to be in a productive way, they would never like to be passive and would have to help by doing, motivating and changing.

Think passionate, excitable, creative, competitive, driven, flashy and you have a typical Fire hand who loves a challenge.

A Fire Hand, notice the narrow palm as opposed to the square palm of an Earth Hand

The lines on a Fire handed person often look very distinctive and usually have a deeply etched quality and a redness. Note: seeing these type of lines on any hand adds the Fire element to someone’s hand regardless of the shape. As these lines suggest, the person is intense and restless. It’s important that they do enough physical activity and they have ways of relaxing as they find this difficult.

When finding Fire qualities in a person always make sure they have enough relaxation and physical stimulation. They are prone to ‘burning out’ and often this can be seen in their appearance.  Usually well-developed and of muscular build, a Fire type winds down best by ‘doing’: yoga, walking and swimming, for example, work well for them. They must have full and active days. If they find themselves not working or completing tasks, they are not being their true selves.