Earth hands have a square palm and short fingers.

The hand is firm, solid, heavy and normally has fewer lines


Earth hand: Square Palm + Short Fingers

Earth people are the most enduring types with strong instincts and physical drives. They care about the practical, the material and the physical. They’re down to earth and typically very stable, secure and like routine. They love anything that brings them stability, and working, as a hobby or job, in a down to earth way is always advised. They are in their element when they are being strong and providing. They are like the mountain, the rock, the mother hen and they feel good when they are in this supporting role.

Earth types have good physical strength and are rugged and tough; manual skills must be developed for their own fulfilment. People with earth hands are natural craftsmen and women. Reliable, grounded and honest people, they hate to be rushed and dislike a hectic lifestyle. They must have a sense of rhythm and structure to their life. The short fingers mean quick thought processes, they don’t like wasting time and they are very blunt and black and white in their responses. The broad palm adds dominates to the person, and they like to be a presents in an environment, and will not be as affected by their surroundings as a water or fire type.

They always like to work where things are real and physical. Money making and practicality are the priority and they are very results based.

Earth types like to do a good, solid job. They can take a lot on and be pushed without giving way. They always enjoy doing a lot of physical work of some sort. They are stubborn, loyal, private, productive and conservative people who hate wasting time, money or energy.

Earth Hand

They are motivated by anything that brings security and stability – often this is money. They are not always the most academic types, as they would rather be doing something practical and useful – not ‘wasting time’ talking about more intangible matters. They would rather build a fence than talk about feelings.

They have a healthy and robust constitution; they store things and have a slow but strong digestion, they do not need to eat as often as an air type. Earth is about endurance and bulk, and the person will likely have a strong physical and bulky build.

Anyone who needs support will always fall back on an earth type as they are the most reliable, solid, grounded people.

It is important to make sure the earth type person feels grounded and has a strong sense of routine in their lives. They must be connecting with the earth in some way, by either: building something, working outdoors, being sporty etc. They love to feel strong and solid but must be made aware of their tendency to get stuck or be rather slow to change.