Ulnar Loops

70% of all fingerprints are ulnar loops. These are loops that open out away from the thumb.
People with a lot of ulnar loops like going with the flow: they enjoy being around other people, they’re empathetic, and go with the social flow of things. Elementally, it’s a water type print, so people with 9 or 10 ulnar loops are likely to be musical, arty and emotionally receptive.
Friendships and relationships are very important to ulna looped people; they adapt easily and fit well into lots of different situations and conversations. They like to be part of what’s happening and are good all-rounders.
Ulnar loops don’t give particular significance to any finger they’re on. In a reading, when you see ulnar loops, you can generally ignore them unless a person has 9 or 10 ulnar loops then it is worth commenting.