People with simple arches are practical, reliable, solid, slow to change and they make loyal friends. The simple arch looks like layers building up, and that is what the person is like. They like to build strong foundations, they’re careful planners, pragmatic, have fixed ideas, are materially driven, and are loyal, humble, modest and persistent. When the majority of prints are simple arches, the person can be very stubborn and quite rebellious and difficult characters.
There is always a tendency to repress things with the simple arch, and it’s therefore very important for the person to express themselves, and get in touch with how they feel. Otherwise, things get buried and either there is a huge emotional outburst at some point, or it can turn into an illness later in life.

  • Thumb – a simple arch here gives a strong sense of stability; stubbornness; normally strong physically
  • Index finger – they’re solid people, unpretentious, but can get a bit stuck
  • Middle finger – means they’re going to like the simple life and have traditional values; they’ll desire stability over most things.
  • Ring finger – in isolation it is very rare – alone print here may make a person repressed socially; they’ll mainly express themselves through physical activities.

Simple arch people are very slow to change; they ‘take their time’. They have honest values and pace themselves in life. Sometimes they can do with being more spontaneous.