A Radial loop is the same as an ulna loop but facing outwards, opening towards the thumb, and is mainly found on the index finger. People with a Radial loop are the most receptive – think how the loop is opening towards the outer world. These people pick up on moods, atmospheres and feelings. They adapt and mould to another person when one-on-one, and can tune-in and ‘become’ the other. They seek praise and approval; they’re usually very kind, caring people and always empathic – this is because the loop opens outwards, all their attention goes to other people.

A Radial person’s sense of self and self-esteem is derived from others. For this reason they are always trying to please and are ‘hyper nice’. However this puts them at the mercy of other people. So very often Radial loop people are either hyper nice and looking for people to like them, or they’re resentful of the power people have over them and the fact that it makes them feel dominated so become very difficult characters.Because they’re hyper adaptable to other people and situations, they easily lose sight of their own views and needs. It can result in a complex where they think they’re continually being bossed around and dominated by other people, even though this is not the case. It can make for irrational, difficult and defensive people.Because their sense of self-esteem is derived from how they’re perceived by others, it’s very important that they have their own time and space, and learn to feel comfortable by themselves. They give a lot to others, but it’s essential they spend time by themselves, doing what they want, so they can learn it’s not other people who have control over them. The Radial loop is almost always on the first finger – very rarely it’s found on the middle or ring finger.

  • Middle – the person adapts and moulds to other cultures and structures, they can immerse themselves in a group of people and become one with them.
  • Ring finger – shows someone feeling the need to entertain, to perform and be host to others.