The Composite is an interesting looking print; it looks like a yin-yang symbol. And as the shape suggests, people with a composite are often in two minds. They’re fair people who see both sides of the situation. They have lots of different friends and get on with lots of different types of people. They’re often intelligent people, and have a very wide perspective on things; they have the ability to have an overview of a situation because they can see things both ways. They are very good at playing devil’s advocate; they can easily be ‘for or against’ in any situation, and because of this they tend to work in cycles of enthusiasm and disappointment. To be happy they need to be doing two things that are different, so two different jobs or a job and a different hobby – if possible, a Composite should always do both.
They find it hard to commit and they’re never quite 100% certain about anything. So if they’re nearly convinced, they should always do it! They’re never fixed or certain, they’re open to all options. Composites are intelligent people, with a universal viewpoint and consequently make good lawyers, judges and arbitrators.
A composite is only ever really found on the index, thumb and middle fingers.

  • Thumb – gives a multi-directional viewpoint, for and against; they have enthusiasm and doubt. Definitely, need to have two different interests or partake in something very different from their day job to keep them happy.
  • Index – gives duality in nature, there’ll be a need to understand ‘who they are’. They are very fair, impartial and complex people.
  • Middle – the person again will have a good understanding of all viewpoints, but more to do with beliefs and structures; they’re likely to change religion and be looking for the right belief system. They’re going to have doubt about culture, values, jobs. There’s going to be a sense of searching for the correct life path, the correct culture or religion.