When in Karnataka my partner told me she gave an acupuncture treatment to a very interesting man. He was a devoted yoga practitioner and she noticed he had a Simian line. The next day I got the chance to meet him and take his prints. They turned out to be perhaps the most challenging combination of features I have ever seen!

Clubbed thumbs, known as a ‘Murderer’s Thumbs’

Michael has a double Simian line, two ‘Murderers’ thumbs and two Radial Loops. Through spending a day with him and his partner, I learned about how he had used these features incredibly well and successfully in his life. Let’s break this down.

The two Simian lines means the fusion of the Head and Heart lines. This makes the bearer incredibly intense, restless, relentless, focused, competitive, repressed and compulsive. Michael explained he used to be a drug addict and with two Simian lines (+ grainy skin + murderer’s thumbs!) there are absolutely no half measures, so one can assume this period would have been the end of most people. Having two Murderer’s Thumbs really does amplify the intensity of the Simians even more. A murderer’s thumbs is when the top phalange is clubbed. This gives the person an explosive nature and makes them very impulsive due to the top phalange showing the nature of will power. It has been named a murderer’s thumb as supposedly someone with it would be more likely to fly off the handle and kill in a fit of rage.

Michael’s right hand with the Simian Line and Radial loop on the Index finger

This means that there would be even more inner tension and conflict within Michael. Part of him is already very repressed and dealing with the power of two Simian lines. Now there is the explosive, impulsive expression of the murderer’s thumb to try and deal with as well! The grainy/fire skin type puts him in the action orientated, abrasive world where there can certainly be a lack of sensitivity. Back then, you would not like to get on the wrong side of Michael!

Unfortunately, Michael’s two Radial Loop prints (on each Index finger) are not going to make this any easier. Radial loops on grainy/fire skin make the bearer very defensive and difficult. They feel like everyone is bossing them around and they hate being told what to do. This is because internally they are actually very suggestible and affected by other people’s thinking, opinions and actions. This affects the esteem and confidence of them. In an attempt to try and resist this internal battle they are very resistant and abrasive towards others, as they feel people have constant power over them. Malcolm X had these prints plus grainy skin. He did not like being told what to do – though was very influenced by the right person (and converted to Islam). Michael also has a Short Index finger adding even more to the inferiority complex!

Left hand with the same Simain Line and Radial loop on the Index.

So, with Michael we have an action orientated, charged, tense, restless, abrasive, compulsive, unyielding and insecure person with the most abundant amount of energy to channel. What should they do? Perhaps what Michael did...

He channelled all this energy into self-discovery and mastery. He moved to Varanasadusi, the holy city of India to find Sadhus (holy men) to train with. Of course, there are no half measures and Michael would look for the most capable teachers, the wisest gurus and the best yogic system, which is what he did. For 3 years he lived with the Sadus who trained him in yoga, philosophy and meditation. During this time he, of course, taught himself Hindi and to read and write Sanskrit. He also learned Vedic palmistry which is how we initially bonded.

Having two Simians and Murderer’s Thumbs is incredibly difficult to deal with. But Michael found how to turn them into an advantage. He says himself that having clubbed thumbs in a spiritual sense is seen as an advantage and the same with the Simian lines. This makes sense given the intensity of these features and the power they have when focused.

He channelled all this force and totally immersed himself in his spiritual journey and now leads his whole life in this manner.
Getting up at 4 am to do his asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breath work), he works as a yoga teacher and hand reader, while finding time to relax and travel around India. He also acknowledges that his Girdle of Venus, Intuition/Mercury Line and his Fate line help balance the potential “ill effects’’ of the Simian and the thumbs.

This is the most positive way in which someone can use these hands. The Radial Loops and Short Index are naturally caring and giving when they work on their own self-worth first. The Simian lines must find ways of finding peace and relaxation. And the Murderer’s Thumbs must find control over their temper and impulses. Michael embodies all of these features and his way of life is a credit to everything he has overcome and accomplished.