This man has a Firey hand, there is a little bit of earth in there as well. So the fire will make this person very active, easily frustrated, very busy and quite flashy. He’ll have a nurturing and providing side as well.

He has grainy skin, which gives a similar quality to the Fire hand itself. It’ll make him action-orientated, always doing things and wanting stimulation.

As you start to look at the hand you’ll notice the long index finger which and has a Whorl on it: this will make him rather controlling and bossy. He feels very individual because of the Whorl, he certainly won’t feel part of the crowd. Because of the combination of the long index as well he’ll have a tendency to be quite selfish – won’t see himself as being connected with anyone else, and sees himself as big and important. It will make him very wrapped up in himself, and he won’t feel that he has to please anyone else in certain situations; he will lack a communal view. He will do his own thing and be his own person because of the whorl, and because of the long index, he will have the confidence to carry this out.



He has a short middle finger: he will want to do things his own way, he won’t like being told what to do, he’ll be rebellious, he won’t get on very well with authority figures.

He has another Whorl on the little finger: this will make him go for a partner who is different in some way - someone younger or from a different country or culture. His wife or girlfriend will be unusual in some way.

There is a missing part of the life line at the bottom of the hand. The Fate Line is ‘trying hard’ to give root to the Life Line, showing somebody who is trying very hard to develop skills to make himself feel secure. He’ll be trying to build his sense of security, because he feels ungrounded. This is someone who gets a lot of structure and ‘rooting’ from their work. It means that with a partner, he will attach himself to someone much more rooted – he will look for someone with lots of stability, with strong family connection. He’ll be with someone who is very close, grounded and stable. This is because the bottom line shows he is striving to create this, so of course he will do so in his relationship.

Because of his grainy skin, he will be very hard working. When the root is weak and the fire line is strong he will also have an over- compensating nature. This means he will work incredibly hard, trying to make as much money as possible (because he feels ungrounded and is replacing this with money, trying to feel secure).

The Fate Line is also very tied to the Life Line. This means he feels his job is a necessity, he will not be doing anything too adventurous with his career, it will be based on practicality. The skills he develops will be very basic and practical and close to home – nothing too unusual. Money-making will be the priority.

With the long index and Whorl, plus everything that’s going on with the earth and fire lines, it clearly shows this man is going to really want to be in control and dominate. He wants to be the one solely in charge and have power over everything. He’s individual and wants to build his own personal empire.

His Emotion line/Heart Line is pretty straight. There is a secondary floating part above the blunter, straight line. This floating line is how he perceives himself emotionally. He will likely think that he is very romantic and emotional, with lots of connections and feelings.

However he is not completely like this – the real Emotion Line reveals he is quite blunt, not subtle, and not too soft or emotionally expressive and romantic (because the line is straight and short). The line is of good quality and he’ll have passion and be intense. Having grainy skin could make him a bit brutish, cold, and a bit crude with this sort of Emotion Line. However, he has a composite in the subconscious area which will soften all this. He will be more understanding than most people with his skin type and emotion line. He will be more tolerant and open. There will be a philosophical side to his nature, as the composite will make him look for deeper meaning in himself, and want to understand and know his true nature. He will often be in two minds about his feelings towards things, but will certainly be open and accepting in his view of people.

The Head Line is on the short side, so he is going to focus on what’s around him. His targets and goals are all going to be local and confined to what he knows. He’s going to be very 'in the now', focusing on the home, family and money.

He has noticeable small bar lines on the life line. These reflect, as he explained, that when in his early 20s he had two children who both died at birth.

He has a high axel tri radius. This will give him a higher pressure build up and make him quite ‘charged up’. With a Fire hand (excitement) and grainy skin (stimulation) and a high axel tri radius (pressure boiler), he is going to be very charged, tense and intense! There will be moments of huge outbursts for sure. It would be good to be aware of this build-up, and take action by means of healthy living to not put extra strain or pressure on himself. It could certainly lead to health problems if he is not aware.

Overall, this is an intense, very driven person, who works hard to build up and provide for himself and his family. His focus is good, his lines are not sporadic so neither is his mind. He is very goal-orientated and focused. He must make sure that he has a way to let of steam and relax. There is a lot of energy and a lot of drive that, if used well, can be very productive.

He is the head chef in a high end restaurant in Moscow.