Air handed people square palm with long fingers.

Air people live in the world of thought. Usually tall, air people have the lightest bones and their hands are often slight – the opposite of earth hands which are dense and heavy.
The square palm of the air hand gives a sense of reality, what is physical, practical and structured; so they love practical, structured, systematic ideas. They live in the world of concepts, planning, logic, structure, ideas and thoughts.

Air Hand: Square Palm, Long fingers

They are forever asking how and why, they are always looking to deepen they’re understanding and want to refine and improve. Technical work is usually preferred as they love to specialise and improve, glass ceilings and limitations are frustrating for them. They’re sociable, questioning and curious, sometimes with highly-strung with neurotic tendencies. An air hand is stimulated by concepts and ideas, they love vocal exchanges, debates and learning.
They like to structure things and put everything into a framework. They reduce things to formulas and love working with concepts. They like working with others, exchanging ideas and plans, and respond well to auditory information.

An air hand needs stimulating conversation and will always look for this in a partner.
They’re quirky, non-conformist, somewhat eccentric types who are natural instructors and advice givers. They like teaching and communicating on all levels. They’re dominated by thought rather than emotion and can neglect their own – they overlook their emotions and rise above them. Because of this they often don’t understand other people’s sensitivity or why they responded emotionally.
Physically tall and thin, the nervous

Air Hand of a musician, the square palm and long fingers place him in the world of logic, structure, concepts and thoughts

system is often overworked due to over-thinking and too much cognitive activity. As a result, they’re much more prone to any type of mental disorder – more so than any other element. They naturally over-think, and over- analyse. It is essential for air handed people to have clear thoughts or they will get frustrated and stressed.
Any information that comes to an air handed person, their first thought is always ‘why’ or ‘how’? They have an inquisitive and questioning nature. They’re always looking for reasons and answers.

With an air hand, always emphasize how much they think! They will know you understand them as soon as this is discussed. They need a constructive and positive interesting or subject to put they’re mind into otherwise they will have a real tendency to mentally pick themselves apart.